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5 Things Expecting Couples Fight About...A LOT

And how you can solve these fights.

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12 July 2017

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5 Things Expecting Couples Fight About

To put it lightly - pregnancy will drive you and your partner nuts. It is a huge, life-changing phase and when you add raging hormones, conflicting libidos and money issues to the mix, things only get worse.

But it doesn't have to be so bad. Once you acknowledge what you are fighting about, you can start to work on those issues.

Here are the top 5 issues that expecting couples fight about and how you can move past those fights.

1. Money

Babies might be tiny, but their upkeep is anything but. To avoid the "how could you buy such an expensive stroller?" kind of arguments, the best thing you can do is budget - with your partner.

Creating and sticking to a budget that you and your partner agree to will ensure that there are a lot fewer fights related to money.

2. Sex

The last thing you want to do when you feel fat, have excessive vaginal discharge and are throwing up all the time is intimate. We get it.

Communication is key. Talk to your partner about why you don't feel up for sex and if you are worried about embarrassing issues like discharge - laugh it off! Humour is critical.

3. Hormones

Your hormones are raging and trust us you will feel it. Your mood will swing like a pendulum and everyone around you, especially your partner. will be subjected to your wrath. You might even go to a phase where everything about your partner will irritate you - it could be as trivial as them breathing (no, really!).

Give your crazy side a nickname like Hormonal Hannah and whenever Hormonal Hannah shows up, your partner will know to give you some space! By depersonalising your hormonal self, you are giving your brain (and your partner) an indication that this is not who you really are.

4. The baby's name

Remember in the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, when Rachel and Ross simply cannot agree on the name of their unborn child? Ross wants to name the child Ruth and Rachel fires back at him asking if they were having an 89-year-old.

Well, these fights are only too real. Naming a baby can be a big debate. Maybe he wants to name your daughter after his grandmom who shares a name with the girl who bullied you in high school. You see how it can get complicated.

The way to resolve this fight is to not get defensive in the moment. Don't shoot down your partner's suggestions in a bout of anger. Make sure you both are calm and discuss rationally why the name you have chosen holds importance to you.

5. Selfishness

Nothing is more depressing for a pregnant woman to go alone for doctor’s visit in an advanced stage. When he cannot find time from office work, she naturally feels bad.

We are on the mum's side here - it is difficult enough being a pregnant woman, the least her partner can do is to support her and take her to the doctor's appointments. He should also not take up any new projects that are going to take up a lot of his time as his wife needs him, more than he thinks.