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6 Ways to Help Reduce Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, no more! Here’s six easy ways to alleviate morning sickness symptoms that actually work

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16 September 2018

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Coping with morning sickness when pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage that many women around the world experience but it can no longer be fun when morning sickness is thrown into the equation.

One of the clearer signs of pregnancy is the morning sickness pregnant women may experience around their first trimester of pregnancy – from the 6th week up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

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While some women are lucky enough not to experience the morning sickness, others are susceptible to the feeling of nausea and vomiting at different times of the day during their pregnancy.

However, for those women who do experience this uncomfortable feeling - it’s important to understand that morning sickness is not harmful to your body or the baby.

Vomiting and feeling nauseous during your pregnancy occurs to more than 50% of pregnant women and it is due to increased hormones in your body. It also means that the placenta is developing well, which is protecting the embryo.

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So as irritating as the feeling may be, feeling nauseous is a good sign for your overall pregnancy.

But that shouldn’t mean you need to live uncomfortably for the next nine months – here are six useful tips that will ease pregnancy sickness.

Sniff something fresh

During the course of your pregnancy, you might have already noticed what may or may not trigger your vomiting. Therefore the most obvious trick but probably the most effective, is to avoid any pungent or strong smells around you.
Smelling a fresh scent whenever you feel the symptoms is a good technique – opt for anything with hints of lemon or mint extract for a fresher scent.

Sniff something fresh

Eat often during the day

Making sure that you’re not running on an empty stomach is key because that can trigger pregnancy nausea very easily. However, this isn’t an excuse to binge on Nutella and peanut butter, rather, eating smaller meals more often can help your stomach digest the food better and faster.

Opting for protein-rich snacks (like nuts) which are filled with vitamins and will keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the day.

And avoiding foods that are spicy, fatty, acidic or fried as they can increase the nausea feeling.

Eat often

Stay hydrated between meals

Staying hydrated without being pregnancy is extremely important but now that you’re carrying a little one, it’s even more vital to monitor your water intake.

Drinking plenty of fluids during the day will ensure that you’re not dehydrated and your pregnancy is healthy. But if you’re finding it difficult to keep the fluids down, then attempt to schedule your water intake between meals.

Stay hydrated between meals

Sip on Ginger tea

A healthier and common alternative to nausea pills is a good cup of ginger tea – a moderated amount of the plant can help with your nausea and put your stomach at ease.

And you’re not a fan of the taste, try adding a bit of honey with your ginger tea for a sweeter taste.

Sip on Ginger tea

Take pregnancy vitamins

If you’re really finding it hard to keep any foods down and nausea sensation doesn’t quite seem to go away after a couple of weeks, then consider taking some pregnancy vitamins.

Speak to your doctor about your symptoms and the intensity of your pregnancy sickness for a correct recommendation of vitamins or medications – some doctors suggest B6 vitamin supplements to ease with the vomiting.

Take pregnancy vitamins

Take a nap

Taking a much needed nap when you’re not feeling your best may help with the sickness – lying down, closing your eyes and taking a nap is a good way to nab some rest.

Many doctors encourage seeking rest throughout your day to cope with the morning sickness as your body may be feeling exhausted with the course of your pregnancy sickness and might some need some relaxation.

Don’t feel discouraged when it comes to your morning sickness, monitoring what does and doesn’t work for you is the best way to handle the nausea feeling.

Take a nap