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7 Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Watch out for these.

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15 June 2017

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Most Common Early Pregnancy Signs

Missing your period is not the only way to tell you're pregnant. There are other ways in which your body tries to tell you that there's a baby on board.

Here are 7 most common early signs of pregnancy.

Your boobs are sore and your areolas are darkening.

Due to a surge of pregnancy hormones, sore boobs and darkening areolas are usually the first symptoms you will notice. This can happen as soon as 1-2 weeks after conception. The chest pain can last anywhere from 2 weeks to the entire first trimester.

You're spotting.

This is not your period, it is light brown spotting usually referred to as 'implantation bleeding'. This is a sign that the embryo has implanted itself to the uterine wall - the baby's home for the next nine months.

Not all women experience this symptom, but it is a common early sign of pregnancy.

You've missed a period.

If your periods are regular, a missed period usually means there is a baby on board! It's best to get a pregnancy test after the first day of your missed period.

You pee a lot more than usual.

2-3 weeks after conception, a woman will start peeing way more than usual because of the production of a hormone called hCG which leads to frequent urination.

You feel tired all the time.

You're producing a baby inside of you, so obviously you are going to feel tired. Your body is preparing to nurture a baby for the next 9 months. We say, go ahead and snooze in the afternoons, you deserve it!

You have a heightened sense of smell.

Although there is no scientific research to back it up, many women feel like they have a heightened sense of smell when they get pregnant.

You feel like throwing up a lot.

Some women may experience the joys of constant nausea and vomiting very early on, but for the average woman, morning sickness rears its ugly head around 6 weeks after conception.