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7 Things You Should Definitely NOT Do To A Pregnant Woman

Admiring the baby bump is one thing…but touching it is another

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16 December 2018

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Pregnant Woman

There isn’t a set of rules when it comes to addressing pregnancy

Every pregnant mum might be taking a different approach when it comes to her pregnancy, so there can’t reaaaally be a list of rules of what to do.

While some pregnant mums say that they need to be fed with compliments, pampered and admired for steps into this wonderful journey.

Some may agree to that and all might agree to this….

There is definitely a list of things NOT to do to a pregnant mum because it might make them uncomfortable, remind them of an idea they’ve buried deep in their mind OR feel extremely inappropriate.

So the next time you see a pregnant mum out and about, try to avoid doing the following unless stated otherwise.

(Funny disclaimer: comment on a preggo belly with your own safety, raging hormones may land you in serious trouble.)

1. Touch the baby bump

The feeling of growing a little one inside of your stomach is an already weird idea for pregnant mums to come to terms with…let alone the idea of strangers or people constantly touching your belly in public.

2. Comment on how big the bump is

Yes, a woman’s body changes while she’s carrying her little one – and as her baby bump grows bigger and bigger every month, she really doesn’t need the reminder from someone other than herself.

3. Comment on how small the bump is

Thousands of thoughts are racing in a pregnant mums head every single day as she unconsciously tries to make out if her pregnancy is coming along okay…so commenting on how small her bump may be, isn’t really helping.

4. Judge the choice of baby names

If you’re going to ask this question, you should be prepared to like the answer – for those who comment on how weird the name might be, it’s taking away from the experience and excitement of the expecting parents…

5. Share horrifying childbirth stories

Yes, giving birth may be daunting for some women.

The expecting mother already knows she’ll be bringing her baby into this world through one way or another, so please don’t share horrifying childbirth stories that you’ve “heard” happen to some woman once upon a time.

6. Comment on the larger cup size

Part of the changing pregnant anatomy of a woman is accompanied by a larger cup size…however, this isn’t an invitation to remind the mum that her body is constantly changing during her pregnancy.

7. Tell her that parenting is hard

Expecting parents already know that once the baby is here, that their singledom life will not be the same…

With diaper changes, feeding time and the lack of sleep – they’re going to have to figure things out without you sharing that parenting might be the most difficult decision you’ve ever made.

Pretty sure these 7 things are a collective decision made by pregnant mums everywhere about the right and wrong ways to comfort her during her pregnancy.