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8 Ways To Ease Morning Sickness

Say bye to pregnancy-related nausea.

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21 June 2017

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8 Ways To Ease Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is an amazing journey, but when it comes to morning sickness that comes with it? That's not so great.

Roughly 70% of pregnant women experience nausea in the earlier stages of pregnancy, and 50% will even vomit because of it... In fact, it's a very common side effect of pregnancy.

But while it may vary from woman to woman, here are 8 things all expectant mums can do to ease their morning sickness.

1. Talk to your doctor

First and foremost - getting advice from your doctor should always be the first step when you're feeling a little off during pregnancy. They'll be able to provide you with a recommend course of action and methods to combat your nausea that's safe for both you and baby.

2. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours

When your stomach is empty, you'll probably find queasy because your stomach acids have nothing to feast on... Except your stomach lining. Which means = nausea. So keep your tummy a little bit full all day and night is a great defence mechanism against morning sickness.

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3. Log your sickness

By tuning into your body and your surroundings, you'll probably find that your morning sickness isn't so random. In fact, by identifying your sickness triggers, you can take steps to help avoid them where possible.

4. Pack the protein!

By eating simple, high-protein foods you'll be providing your system with Vitamin B that you need. Nuts are a great snack to help with this.

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5. Sniff lemons

Unbeknown to many women is the fact that certain scents can actually trigger morning sickness - in fact, more often than not it's the whiff of the trash can, or the smell of your coworker's perfume that can make your nausea go into overdrive.

By sniffing a fresh scent like lemon, you can help mask yourself from these unpleasant smells from your nose as a preventative measure.

6. Stay hydrated

Perhaps a no-brainer, but by making sure you're getting your eight glasses a day helps to ensure you're getting the necessary fluids into your system. It will prevent dehydration, which is so important right now.

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7. Take pregnancy multivitamins

By taking pregnancy multivitamins, you might find that your feelings of nausea are reduced. Even if it doesn't work to stop the morning sickness, at least you're getting the daily recommended dose of vitamins and nutrients you need - especially folic acid and Vitamin D.

8. Snooze

Allow yourself time to rest and recover if you're feeling queasy. And remember not to push yourself through your nausea - if you need a day in bed, allow yourself the time to have it. It's better for both you and baby if you get the rest you need.

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