Birth Photography: How Far Is Too Far? |

Birth Photography: How Far Is Too Far?

The new trend is growing very fast… But is it really worth it?

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27 August 2017

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The pros and cons of birth photography

Giving birth is one of the most magical, intimate, and memorable moments in a woman’s life; thus, it’s one of those worth-capturing moments.

But isn’t hiring a professional photographer to document the event a little bit over-the-top?

Photography in labour rooms has become a hot topic recently, with women and mothers trying their hardest to make this event as “Instagrammable” as possible! But what happened to dads holding video cameras with shaky hands?

Hiring a professional photographer to record the whole delivery procedure can sometimes be redundant; we mean a labour photo shoot session is expensive – it can cost up to at least $500 – add to that the idea of having a stranger lurking in the delivery room.

However, maybe the dilemma isn’t in photographing or videoing the delivery per se, it could be in the way some women interpret birth photography.

Arguably, it's no longer about taking a couple of pictures for the newborn and his mummy - it's the pressure of making the event "social media friendly" that women take on their shoulders. Giving birth is no longer a spiritual experience, but rather an occasion to "dress-up" to, and show off later on.

For instance, some women go all the way in getting ready for the photo shoot prior to the delivery by making-up and having their hair done. Moreover, others try to act a certain way during the delivery photo shoot; staying-calm or faking relaxation just to get those pictures right.

Birth Photography: How Far Is Too Far?

But on the other hand...

Nevertheless, birth photography does have a reputation of relieving the father from documenting the experience burden, and providing a trace back to the fascinating experience.

Many mums-to-be choose to actually hire a photographer, or ask a family member whose good with photography to document the occasion, in order to glorify this momentous event. And some mothers admitted that according to them, documenting the delivery of a baby, is more worthy than documenting a wedding.

To couples, the “look on the spouse’s face” during important events, is sometimes even more significant than the event itself. Hence, capturing the look on both of the parents when the child is being delivered, is considered crucial and priceless to many.

Is it worth the money?

Some couples appraise a labour photo shoot as a lifetime investment; it’s a reminder of a blessing, a track to their infant’s first moments on this earth, and a document of a miracle.

And many birth photographers offer a wide range of packages; some include post-natal, family, new born pictures, et al.

Birth photography is growing pretty fast, and pretty controversial. And given the involvement of social media interests, the experience that once was private and intimate, now has become a shared post, aiming-to-get-likes attempt.