Do Solar Eclipses Have An Affect on Pregnancy? |

Do Solar Eclipses Have An Affect on Pregnancy?

We explore the myths behind pregnancy, from eclipses harming the baby, to sleeping on the belly.

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14 August 2017

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Do Solar Eclipses Have An Affect on Pregnancy?

The United States will witness a total solar eclipse on the 21st of this month, and some pregnant women over there might find this event terrifying.

This fear goes back to ancient myths that suggest eclipses endanger or harm a growing baby, but now it’s time for science to weigh in.

The credit behind this myth goes back to the Aztecs.

They believed that lunar eclipses are 'a bite on the moon’s face', and watching them as a pregnant woman could leave your baby with the same mark.

Aztec wisdom also suggested carrying something metallic, such as a safety pin, around the underwear, to avoid the dangers of looking at an eclipse.

But in the 21st century, how authentic can those old wives’ tales be? Science says: “not at all.”

Scientists assure us that the activity of the moon, or the sun, or any other planet for that matter, has no affect whatsoever on the health and behaviour of people and babies. Unless, of course, it comes crashing into the Earth!

Furthermore, many experts in both Eastern and Western countries confirm that cleft lips or palates are an effect of nothing but genetic or environmental factors.

Fact or Fiction?

Revealing the truth behind some myths people once believed had effects on pregnancy.

1- Don’t dye your hair

This myth is associated with chemical damage for obvious reasons, but apparently you need to use high doses of chemicals to actually cause harm to the baby. So no need to worry about bad hair during the whole 9 months of pregnancy anymore.

2- Satisfy your cravings

Pregnancy can be pretty much the perfect excuse to unleash your hidden cravings, but take it easy there, because that is one big fat myth. Apparently not satisfying every craving all the time does not cause any effect whatsoever on either the mummy nor the baby.

3- Don’t sleep on your belly

Besides being uncomfortable, sleeping on your belly does not cause any harm to the growing baby.

4- The shape of the belly defines what’s within

The shape or size of the bump can sometimes indicate the position of the baby in womb, but it surely cannot tell you anything about its gender.

5- Avoid exercising during pregnancy

Exercising when pregnant is not harmful, but rather advisable. Experts confirmed that when a pregnant women exercises, her fetus gets a beneficial workout as well.