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Giving Birth From The Eyes Of A Doula

Read about the perspective of a woman who has seen it all...

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18 December 2018

Baby and mom

As a Doula, I like to respect everyone’s choices...

And as a mom, I like to share my positive story for those to those who like to know the grass can be greener on the other side.

Hence the important aspect is to have a choice and ensure you are the one choosing the type of birth you desire even when your choice maybe opting for an elective cesarean.

But speaking as a therapist, I find alarming that there is now plenty of data on the psychological effects that the birth experience has on the baby and on the mother in the long run.

Today many depressions are linked back to the separation anxiety of mom and babies at birth, yet there is a lot of work to do for moms out there to look up what are their choices and rights.

And for those who already have kids to take it into account, they must seek support to improve any undesired behaviour in mother and child relations.

I like to educate moms to know that medical facilities have a lot of improvements to offer in the non-medical support, education and physical care that Doulas can give.

So before you continue, ask yourself how much do you really know about birth?

The complications

There is a list of complications which tend to prevent Natural Birth from being a real choice.

These are limited and hard to list, but:

1. If you wish to have a natural birth and your doctor is advising you to reconsider due to health risk factors then listen to his or her concern in detail.

Ask questions and take a second or even third opinion to discard any potential conflicting ideologies between you and your doctor and avoid future regrets.

2. If you get the same opinion, you can validate your comfort level with your exciting doctor.

3. If you get a different one, a third opinion should be able to settle your doubts.

And at the end, you may choose to stay which whichever one you felt the most comfortable with.

Parenting Implication

The baby is now born and at home, yes, however, this new life story is just getting started…

Birth experiences have inherent factors that may enhance or inhibit recovery - some of the ones that inhibit include:

  • Abnormalities in infant development
  • Persistent physical problems in the mother
  • Lack of Social Support for women/couple
  • Feeding problems
  • “High needs” colicky baby
  • Sleep deprivation in mother
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Poor relationship with partner or family

The factors that enhance recovery include:

  • Good relationship with the caregiver
  • Support and assistance from a doula
  • Labour of normal length
  • Minimal procedures
  • Normal vaginal birth
  • Healthy, term newborn
  • Adequate rest
  • Good healing of incisions
  • Help at home

Parenting today

Parents nowadays are constantly feeling overwhelmed by thinking “how do I entertain my child”.

Suddenly new age kids seem impossible to satisfy as parents, they act with so much anxiety and a new kind of issue arises – which has the term of Separation Anxiety: Anxiety from the separation of the mom and baby due to any kind of intervention.

Women and families need responsible institutions to prevent it when is not required and address if for circumstances where clinical intervention had to be part of the birth management for the highest benefit of the mother and/or the baby.

The awareness of the effect of separation anxiety due to birth has on adult depression is rising to the point of reviving and popularizing a traditional ancient ritual like the one called: rebirthing.

The take away from this is that birth choice is not a decision to be taken lightly if you have the capacity of getting the right education.

Each choice has a consequence and as a mom-to-be, I find imperative that currently we:

  • 1. Go beyond our belief system
  • 2. Find answers to make informed decisions
  • 3. Find access to the support we need

So that moms can deal with what may come after the choice has been made.

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