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What Is And Isn't Safe During Pregnancy

Is it safe to do these things during pregnancy...

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4 September 2017

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What Is And Isn't Safe During Pregnancy

Pregnant women encounter many challenges during the journey; ranging from morning sickness to bladder and bowel problems, but the anxiety must be the most exhausting of all.

The fear of hurting the fetus leads the mum-to-be to a constant state of concern; during which everyday actions become a possible source of threat.

This period of time is mostly highlighted by never-ending concerned questions, therefore, we gathered some of the most repeated queries of expectant women.

1- Is It Safe To Get Cavity Fillings During Pregnancy?

Well, according to experts, getting dental problems fixed during or even before pregnancy is a must, to avoid infections. It is also advised to get any calcium deposits on teeth cleaned up during pregnancy, to avoid developing gestational gingivitis.

However, doctors normally encourage women to wrap it up with the dentist before the third trimester; in which laying on the back for relatively long period of time could become dangerous.

2- Is It Safe To Get Vaccinated During Pregnancy?

It actually depends on the vaccine. Doctors recommend 2 types of vaccines only: the flu, and the Tdap. And it is advised to avoid any live vaccines, such as: the MMR; which some studies claim causes rubella infection in pregnant women.

The chicken pox vaccine could also possess a chance of risk, so it’s advised to avoid it as well during pregnancy.

3- Is It Safe To Get An X-Rays When Pregnant?

This also depends on the type and amount of radiation a pregnant woman is being exposed to. And while the prevailing advice is to avoid any kind of exposure to X-Rays, studies assured that those of a diagnostic type – including arms, legs, chest, head, and teeth – doesn't harm the fetus, nor the mum-to-be.

However, if not necessary, it’s advised to postpone any X-Ray diagnoses, examinations, or therapies, until after delivery.

4- Is It Safe To Dye One’s Hair During Pregnancy?

Exposure to chemicals found in hair dying products is not yet confirmed to be dangerous during pregnancy, however, it’s advised to wait until the second trimester – when the crucial stages of the fetus’s development are over – before colouring the hair.

5- Can A Pregnant Woman Wear High Heels?

Wearing heels doesn’t possess direct threat on the fetus. There is, however, a higher chance of falling, because the centre of gravity changes when pregnant, hence women become less steady while wearing heels.

6- Is It Safe To Use Hot Tubs, Saunas, Jaccuzis and Steam Rooms During Pregnancy?

It’s advised to avoid overheating during pregnancy, which might cause dehydration and fainting. Some not-so-solid studies also claim that overheating during pregnancy – mostly during the first trimester – has a high chance of causing birth defects.

7- Is It Safe To Tan During Pregnancy?

It’s actually unsafe to tan anytime, regardless the size of the belly bump. But, the stronger reason behind avoid tanning during pregnancy is that the skin becomes very unusually sensitive, leading to higher chances of getting sun burns, hives, and heat rashes.

Safety measures are advised to be taken while sunbathing whether a woman is pregnant or not; and those include drinking plenty of water, using sunscreens and wearing a hat and sunglasses.