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What Meghan Can Expect: The Joys Of Being Pregnant At Christmas

Expecting a baby like Meghan? Here’s why December 25 can still be great

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20 December 2018

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Meghan Markle

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Normally on Christmas Day, you might start proceedings with a Buck’s Fizz. If you do the cooking in your house, you probably then move onto prepping the turkey. And if you’ve got young children, all this comes after a 5am start, with shouts of “SANTA!” down the stairs or hallway.

Meghan Markle

If, like the Duchess of Sussex, you’re pregnant with your first child, Christmas has added challenges: No champers for you, right? But expecting on the ‘big day’ isn’t all bad. Here’s why…

Crying at children’s films is fine

When we asked the Twittersphere for reasons why Christmas is great when you’re pregnant, there was a resounding chorus of ‘eating for two!’ Shout out to the Scummy Mummies who pointed out that your belly may also be big enough to rest your plate on, too. They said: “Guilt-free eating and having a tummy big enough to rest your dinner on.”


Washing up time? Not for you – it’s definitely nap time. After all, we don’t want heartburn now, do we?

Novelty jumpers

Ahh, Christmas-themed jumpers. The scourge of the fashion world as, basically, they are not flattering. Until you have a bump, that is. Then you can use the jumper to full advantage, says Mel Johnson, mum to Daisy, 1, who runs The Stork And I. “The best thing about being pregnant at Christmas is being able to wear a Christmas pudding novelty jumper, where your bump forms the Christmas pudding!”

Realising this is the last time you’ll have a quiet night in.

It might seem like hard work being pregnant on Christmas Day, but this is a time to reflect on where you’re at in life. Especially the fact that in a couple of years, you’ll be hearing those cries of ‘SANTA’ and remembering how peaceful it was just eating for two.


For many mums- and dads-to- be, the fact there’s a bump at Christmas is an amazing gift – some will have been trying a long time, others hoping to be a parent against the odds. So, while it may be tiring and booze-free, enjoy it.