Four Fool-Proof Ways to Survive A Flight With Your Toddler |

Four Fool-Proof Ways to Survive A Flight With Your Toddler

Preparing for a flight with your children is never easy, but there are things you can try that might make the journey better

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26 September 2018

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Surviving A Flight With Your Toddlers

We all know the drill, packing for your kids, preparing entertainment for them, preparing snacks for them all to avoid any tantrums on the plane.

Let’s face it no one likes a crying baby on a plane, especially during those long flights and it’s every mother’s nightmare to receive glares from people trying to sleep.

Children might be too young to understand the concept of being quiet for the comfort of others – because it takes time and they will only understand this as they grow up.

Frantically trying to keep your child quiet during a plane tantrum will not help nor will waiting for the tantrum to pass help either.

Instead, there are preparations you can do pre-flight that might ensure a peaceful journey for your ears and everyone else’s on the plane.

Here are a few tips that may help you avoid any angry meltdowns during the flight.

1. Wrap a couple of small gifts

Yes, this may sound odd, but it works wonders.

If you’re planning to go on a long flight, it’s important to pack small items that will keep your toddler happy – packing a few small cheap toys in wrapping paper and gifting them at the end of an hour or two of your journey may help.

And the best thing about this is that you can place the rules for receiving a gift – try: if you stay quiet, if you behave, if you’re polite, if you don’t cry etc…

Your child will automatically get excited by the thought of receiving the gifts, that they’ll avoid anything that might disrupt their chances.

So pack any inexpensive gifts you can find – toy cars, play dough, sticker games, a teddy bear etc..

2. Pack in-flight entertainment

The main reason children become fussy and have meltdowns is usually because they get bored during the flight. While some planes have children shows and movies for their entertainment options – others don’t.

It’s always good to pack entertainment regardless – grab a colouring book, a story, download your kid’s favourite games on your iPad, a sticker book etc…

Pack them in your bag or your carry on for easy access when they start to fidget around and get fussy, these will keep them entertained for hours while you try to catch a quick nap.

3. Dress them in comfortable clothing

Your child’s comfort is your best friend during your flight – dressing your children in comfortable and loose clothing will make them feel better during their journey.

Opt for tracksuits, leggings and sweatpants to allow them to sit comfortably in their seats and help them sleep better on the flight.

And also make sure to pack an extra jacket and fluffy socks for them as the temperature on flights tend to drop as they ascend in the air and your child might get fussy about being cold.

4. Assemble snacks

Hunger is another detriment to your flight – when your child gets hangry, they might make your flight a living hell.

Some flights have food options but are usually pricey, especially if you’re planning to feed more than one child.

So try to pack some yummy treats and snacks for them to nibble on the flight and to keep the hunger far, farrrr away.