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10 Adorable Outfits To Wear With Your Tot

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16 July 2017

Adorable Matching Outfits To Twine With Your Tot

Buying baby clothes is fun but guess what’s better? Twining with your tot.

Cheeky one-liners may be cheesy but when done right (especially if the shirts' messages are funny!) with your baby – they make for great memories and photo-ops. Celebrity mums including Jessica Alba, Beyoncé and Kim K wear matching outfits with their tots all the time so what’s stopping you? These shirts are easily available on Etsy, Amazon or other online boutiques and don’t even cost a lot.

Check out some Pinterest-approved matching outfits to inspire your next shopping spree.

1. This smalls is killing us with his charm.

2. #MomLife described on the back of a hoodie.

3. This father-daughter duo has explained music better than any song.

4. For the family who loves to cook.

5. The mother of dragons and her baby dragon.

6. They've got their priorities sorted.

7. Let your outfits do all the explaining.

8. Parenthood explained.

9. Summer game strong.

10. Once they learn to talk..it's all about the whys.