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5 Fun Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Entertained At Home

Is your toddler getting bored of being at home? Here are 5 fun activities to try with them at home

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21 October 2018

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When children are cooped up at home all day, they then to get very bored

Toddlers, in particular, have lots of energy to spend on a daily basis – they have the ability to be a ball of an unstoppable ball of energy….until nap time ofcourse.

And that’s when the pause button on a remote would become useful. However, let’s face it…that virtually impossible.

So instead, try to shift their energies into an activity that they can enjoy at home - this will keep them occupied while you get to finish up your tasks.

Here are 5 fun ideas that will keep you and your toddler happy and busy at home.

1. Get creative with play dough

A versatile art element that will not wreck your entire house is play dough.

Your toddler can enjoy playing with their hands and make objects out of the moldable material and you won’t have to worry about any mess it’ll leave behind.

Even though play dough is nontoxic, you can even make your own play dough at home.

2. Get building with building blocks

If you’re looking for more sturdy games for your toddler, then getting them building blocks can allow them to make whatever structure they please.

And they don’t necessarily need to be actual blocks – any flat surface can technically become a building block and can be used to stack up a structure.

Switch them up to keep your toddler’s creativity and interest in the game.

3. Just scribble around

The most inexpensive method is to get a piece of paper and a few coloring pens and wait for whatever masterpiece to arise from your child’s scribbles.

A blank paper will not last a few seconds before it becomes a piece of art - this will enhance your toddler’s creativity.

And to avoid a mess, maybe place a table outside so they can get inspiration from nature or opt to buy washable pens that will not leave a lasting mark on your furniture or your toddler.

4. Get messy with finger paint

What better way to engage your toddler’s touch and motor skills than to have them engage with their hands.

Getting safe finger paint will make your toddler extremely happy – they’ll be able to dip their fingers in their paint and splash it around on a blank canvas.

This may be messy but it’s a wonderful bonding experience for the parent and the toddle.

5. Engage their memory with pairing

This is a great way to engage your child’s memory skills and critical thinking – grab different materials of the same color and cut them to the same dimensions.

They can either match the items on their shape or color, they will develop their sorting skills and fine motor skills as they try to find the other match of an object.