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The Best Time To Start Potty Training Your Child

It’s time for your little one’s milestone

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20 November 2018

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Potty Training

Teaching your children life-long skills gives you great parental satisfactions

Part of your little ones growing up into fully-functioning adults is the time they take to conquer potty training.

Teaching your little ones how to use the potty will need all your time, effort and patience but it’ll teach your child the valuable lessons they’ll need to develop into healthy adults one day.

Some parents opt to teach their kids are early as 18 months, but others can start way after – it really depends on your parenting approach.

For parents who start too soon – it might take the process a while to stick around, so don’t worry about the best time to start because you’ll arrive at your destination faster than you think.

But here are some tips to start training your little one on how to successfully use the potty.

1. Let them watch and learn

Parents hear this all the time – “mimic the activity and make them watch to learn.”

Which is a solid piece of advice…toddlers general learn by imitation so by watching you use the bathroom as part of a daily routine, you’re already setting up the behaviour for them.

And each parent can teach their girls and boys so they can see how girls and boys use the potty differently than one another.

2. Buy the right potty trainer

Having the a the right potty trainer will help your teaching process (and cleaning process) go a lot smoother.

Most experts advise in buying a child-size potty that your toddler can use and eventually grow into – it’ll also make them feel more secure during potty training than using a full-size adult toilet.

And if you don’t want to buy a potty training toilet, then just opt for an adapter seat that will make it more comfortable for your kids to use the toilet and a stool to be able to climb up to the toilet seat too.

3. Make them wear cool underwear

How else are you going to entice their creativity and make then eager to learn than by using a piece of cloth that they wear daily.

Take your kids along to buy their own underwear and this way you can teach them that these are to be pulled down during potty training.

The patterns, colours and characters will get your child excited about potty training and it’ll make them want to ditch the diaper much faster so they can start wearing underwear “as adults do.”

4. Make sure to celebrate the successful one

Potty training is no easy job and it’s not a pass or fail either – it’s a learning process that might take a while and nudge at your patience.

However, you must remember to celebrate the triumphs in potty training because your kids will enjoy the accomplishment that they’ve just done and probably attempt to do it right the next time.

It’ll create a rewarding moment for them and mark a significant milestone in their potty training journey.

It’s an untimed journey

You’ll soon come to realise that potty training your little one is not going to be the same as all your children – some are timider when it comes down to it, and others are more comfortable in their potty zones.

Whatever the case may be, it’s your role as a parent to make your child feel comfortable while potty training as they are developing their skills while growing up.

Avoid shaming and putting too much attention on the subject matter and instead try to celebrate the good efforts and encourage more triumphs on the toilet seat.