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All About the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Doing DofE can be a life-changing adventure for your child.

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9 January 2013

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All About the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Since they began in 1956, they have been inspiring, guiding and supporting young people in their self-development and recognising their achievements.

Doing their DofE can be a life-changing adventure for your child. On the way, they will do their own exciting and challenging programme of activities to help them reach their full potential. They’ll learn new skills, help others, have fun, make new friends and gain a great sense of achievement. Employers, colleges and universities really value Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and know what it says about someone who’s an Award holder.

For young people, a DofE programme is a real adventure from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they’re from. They just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and realise there’s more to life than sitting on a sofa watching life pass them by.

Young people can do programmes at three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold, which lead to a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Young people achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if they’re going for Gold). They’ll find themselves helping people or the community, getting fitter, developing skills, going on an expedition and taking part in a residential activity (Gold only).

Their guiding principles

At the DofE they strive to achieve their mission through personal development programmes and the assessment and presentation of Awards.

All their programmes are driven by the following ten guiding principles, which are at the heart of everything they do.

  • Non-competitive
  • Achievable by all
  • Voluntary
  • Personal development
  • Personalised
  • Balanced
  • Progressive
  • Achievement focused
  • Demand commitment
  • Enjoyable