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5 Staycations You Can Take With Your Family This Summer

Here are 5 ways you can keep the kids busy right here in the UAE...

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23 July 2017

Staycation in the UAE

If you're any bit a travel buff, you know that there really are just two kinds of holidays - a vacation and a staycation.

For those of you who don't know what a staycation is, it is when you don't leave the country but take a short break at a local hotel or resort as a mini vacation.

How would you feel if we told that you could experience FIVE different types of staycations right here in the UAE? Read along to find out more...

1. Playcations

If you've been reading all this while, you've probably already figured this one out. It is a staycation that involves some sort of 'play'. Head to one of the country's many hotels with easy access to theme parks such as the Yas Viceroy (with access to Ferrari World), Royal Residence in Umm al Quwain (access to Dreamland Aquapark and many more.

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld

2. Beach Resorts

Beaches are always fun, and what better way to fully immerse in a true blue adventure than to stay at any one of the UAE's many beach resorts? The UAE is blessed with a gorgeous shoreline that stretches across 70% of the country. You can pick the emirate of your choice depending on your budget and mood so you're never really spoiled for choices...

Take a beach staycation

Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa

3. Family Fun

A family that holidays together definitely makes a lot of memories. Spend an unforgettable weekend at one of UAE's many family-friendly resorts including zoo visits, pool days, gym access and much more!

Family-friendly staycations

Al Ain Zoo

4. Adventure getaways

There's a tonne of outdoor activities that you can try in the UAE, be it crab hunting, quad biking or wadi cruises. Book yourself and your family in for an adventure-packed staycation this summer, where fun is guaranteed!

Adventure getaways

Musandam Wadi

5. All-inclusive stays

There's nothing better than a staycation that you can spend immersed in the pool or propped up in bed for an entire weekend. An all-inclusive stay provides total relaxation in the lap of luxury, a well deserved treat for you and your loved ones!

All inclusive stays

Tilal Liwa Hotel