How To Deal With Teenage Issues in Dubai |

How To Deal With Teenage Issues in Dubai

Some friendly advice for parents of teens, directly from a teenager...

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31 July 2013

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How To Deal With Teenage Issues in Dubai

Knowing how to be an influence to a teenager can be tough sometimes. However, learning can be as easy as you want it to be. Dubai is sometimes hard to figure out. What you can and cannot do is sometimes confusing and unclear.

However, to be a good role model for your child, easy guides can be easily researched on the Internet. Yet, your teenager cannot respond positively to you unless you understand and/or can relate to what they are going through or feeling.

Dealing with the 'drama'

Drama is often a word to describe the discrepancies between teenage friends and foes although as easily as they fight, they make up. So giving your child some time alone can easily create respect for you as they feel that there are boundaries, and that if they need you, they know where to find you; rather than the parent always pushing to find out what’s going on.

The public often have a judgement of teenagers as being spiteful and rude, however the previous generations were none short of rebellious. The teenagers of Dubai have been labelled, thus affecting their daily lives, as 28% of teens feel so sad that they stopped doing some of their usual activities. Nonetheless, what should you do?

Yes, becoming a parent leaves you with the lifelong subscription to watching your child grow and overcome situations, though; being there for them along the way is comforting and although it may seem as if you are not always wanted there will always be a time and a place when you will be needed.

It may just be a phase, that you can influence easily

Your teenager might just be going through a phase and it is important that you educate them and make them aware that what they might be doing is wrong and can be dealt with. It is not the end of the world, although it may seem it to them!

During your childhood you may have been associated with teenage problems, sharing the stories of your past can help your child to overcome their problems in the present. As well as, extra-curricular activities are advised for teenagers as endorphin's are released when exercising. Thus, creating a happier output to your child whist making new friends with the same interests as them!

To educate and create awareness for your child is one of the many necessities to becoming a good role model and a positive influence is a great start to dealing with your teenager’s issues.

Written by Tally S, age 15