Watch: The Hazards of Finger Foods for Babies |

Watch: The Hazards of Finger Foods for Babies

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5 July 2017

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The Hazards of Finger Foods for Babies

Katrina Philips, Chief Executive of The Child Accident Prevention Trust, explains the hazards of finger foods, and suggests how to prepare some of the more difficult foods, so as to prevent any potential accidents.

Babies are still learning to chew and breathe and do things in the right order. Also, their windpipes are really tiny. A child's windpipe is no bigger than a 2p piece, so you can imagine how easy it is for things to get stuck and for them to choke, even on things that are quite soft, like a grape.

So, it's important to get in the habit of chopping food up small. A big grape, you might want to chop into quarters before you give it to a baby. Think about finger food and chopping it up narrowly because things can get wedged in a baby's throat, and they can choke really quite easily.