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UAE parent sued for AED 20,000 for child breaking another boy's nose
The victim's father originally demanded AED 150,000 as compensation for his child's injuries and psychological damages
Separation Anxiety in Children: Tips for Parents, and What to Avoid
How to manage your child's separation anxiety, with professional tips from child psychiatrists and psychologists
Baby Sign Language: A Guide for Parents
Is baby signing the new baby talk? Here's your guide to Baby Sign Language and what it could mean for you and your child
10 Effective Parenting Tricks for Separation Anxiety
These parenting tips are just the answers to soothing separation anxiety for both the mum and little one
How to Manage Your First Holiday Season With Your Baby
The holidays change when you're a parent. If you're spending it with your baby, here are some ways to make your spirits bright this year.
7 Tips for Parents Taking Their Baby to a Wedding
Have a wedding coming up, and your little one is attending too? Here's some advice
How Parents Can Make Home Learning Fun
Discover how to add fun to learning at home and provide your kids with a head-start in the classroom
Right Time To Let Your Kids Have An Instagram Account
Social media rules suggest 13, but children half that age can be seen posting online.
Stepson Is Very Upset And Angry
Columnist and trained counsellor Fiona Caine advises a woman who’s unsure how to handle her stepson’s emotional outbursts
Make Children More Resilient
If your child struggles to bounce back from adversity, here are a few ways to help make them mentally tougher
Ways To Manage Toddler Tantrums
Toddler tantrums are frustrating and exhausting for both parents and children, so use these tips from a tantrum expert to help manage the meltdowns
Tough Conversations With Young Children
Having those tricky talks can be good for your relationship with your child, as expert Dr Shauna Tominey highlights.
Charlize Theron
Glad you made it out the door in one piece? You’re not alone, says Jenny Stallard.
Mother and Child
All parents want to protect their child from harm, but wrapping them in cotton wool is bad for both of you
Parenting tips for Dubai summer
Major parental techniques from conscious mum-doula, Annie Ortiz
 Best Feeding Schedule For Toddlers
A schedule is the only thing stable in their energetic life.
Keep Your Food Safe During Summer
Fun fact: foodborne illnesses actually increase over the warmer season
7 Legit Parenting Hacks You Need To Learn
#6 will save you a lot of tears.
UAE Privacy Laws All Parents Should Know
It's important to be aware of the serious UAE privacy laws that exist in Dubai
How You Can Protect Your Child on the Internet
While it's fine to let them use it, precautions should be taken
Parental safety on the Internet
Because adults have several risks when they go online, too
How To Stop Gender Stereotyping In Toddlers
Don't think in pinks and blues.
4 Ways To Tame Your Toddler’s Public Tantrums
Nobody will warn you about the dreaded public tantrums.
The Hazards of Finger Foods for Babies
Discover tips from The Essential Baby Care Guide's care and development program
How to Treat a Baby's Wound
Discover tips from The Essential Baby Care Guide's care and development program
The Differences Between Colostrum, Foremilk and Hindmilk
Experts from The Essential Baby Care Guide explains the ins-and-outs of breastmilk
How to Fold a Terry Nappy For Your Baby
Discover tips from The Essential Baby Care Guide's care and development program
10 Tips To Build Your Confidence As A New Mum
It's okay if you're not okay.
Ways to entertain a child on a plane
With easy travel games, products and creative ideas, you and your kids will enjoy your next long flight without the fuss!
Lies Parents Tell Their Children
We asked our team to share the biggest fibs that they believed when their parents told them while growing up...