Charlize Theron Is Right, Motherhood IS Hard – But Here Are The Signs You’re Doing OK As A Mum |

Charlize Theron Is Right, Motherhood IS Hard – But Here Are The Signs You’re Doing OK As A Mum

Glad you made it out the door in one piece? You’re not alone, says Jenny Stallard.

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15 January 2019

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Charlize Theron

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Whether you’re a working mum who is relieved you got to the bus/train (on time) with some un-laddered tights on, or a full-time mum wondering whether she’ll speak to another adult human today, motherhood is challenging.

And it’s not just ‘regular’ mums who find it a struggle. Speaking on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Charlize Theron said: “It’s hard to be a mom in society, it’s hard to get it right all the time.”

Theron, who is mum to two adopted children, Jackson and August, added: “It’s a beautiful thing but it’s really hard sometimes, and that’s OK.” Amen to that. Here are ways you’re doing just fine if you’re a mum.

Nobody Is Getting It 100% Right

Not even celebs. So use this as your daily mantra. Literally say that phrase to yourself as you go about your parenting.

Everyone Is Dressed And Out Of The Door

If that was on time, bonus points! Yep, we know it’s a part of your daily routine but if you’ve achieved it, then pat yourself on the back. Every day you manage it means you’re winning – the day has begun.

And You All Wore The Right Shoes For The Occasion

Out the door is one thing, but does everyone have what they need for the day ahead? As a mum you might have to remember your own gym shoes (or work shoes if you wear trainers for the commute), and/or the children’s sports/ballet shoes.

And when you don’t have to rush back shouting: ‘FOOTBALL BOOTS!’ you know you’re going to have a positive day. If you do have to rush back, remember you are not the only one. (Keep repeating it, it’s always true!)

There’s A Crayon In Your Bag – and that’s heartwarming

That moment you reach in your bag for a pen/lipstick and your hand wraps around a crayon/piece of Lego/Kinder toy. And after an initial ‘argh!’ you then smile to yourself.

This little organisational faux pas might leave you wishing you’d double-checked what was in your bag before you left home, but it also makes you smile. The kids are there with you in spirit, and there’s always Boots/someone to lend you a pen.

You Haven’t Trodden On Lego

A day without Lego (or an upturned plug) in the sole of your foot is a parenting day from heaven.

And you didn’t crack when one of the kids said ‘WHY?’ or ‘MUM?’ for the 10th time. Bravo!

There’s Veg In The Dinner

Is there something green in tonight’s food you are serving up? There is?! Hoorah – in that case, you are totally nailing it as a parent. If the kids eat the veg, even more kudos to you.

You Forgot It Was A Special School Day…

You know, like World Book Day, or the school’s ‘dress as a famous woman from history’ day. But you weren’t the only one (remember, you’ll never be the only one!) AND you nailed it with an outfit made from things you already had at home, which can only mean one thing: Telling everyone how you up-cycled for the outfit and are therefore eco-mum extraordinaire.

You Read Something Together

Reading is such a fabulous way to bond, as well as improving your kids’ skills. Sitting down together with a book is a mindful exercise for you all. There are plenty of life lessons to be gleaned, and that quiet time together is the antidote to anything that hasn’t gone perfectly today.

There’s Something Cold To Drink In The Fridge

It doesn’t have to be wine – just a nice something to pour yourself once they’re settled. Now, what’s for your dinner – and no, it doesn’t have to include veg!