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3 Ways To Handle A Hyperactive/Difficult Child

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20 July 2017

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3 Ways To Handle A Hyperactive/Difficult Child

There is a fine line between an active child and a hyperactive child.

While most children are fidgety and bursting with energy, hyperactive children are so full of energy that they are completely unable to focus. Hyperactive kids have difficulty listening to or following directions, they move around a lot, they interrupt other people's conversations. In medical terms, this is known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and usually becomes noticeable at the age of 2/3.

Here are three strategies you can adopt to manage a hyperactive child.

1. Channelise their energy.

The options for mental and physical activities that your child can channelise her energy into are endless. Martial art forms like Karate, Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do can be extremely beneficial due to the perfect balance of mental concentration along with physical exertion that they require.

Other options include sports of any kind including running, swimming, basketball, football etc. You can also enroll them in dancing, acting, and music classes.

Taking your children for camping and outdoor activities is a great way for them to be in out in nature and channel their energy positively. Moreover, don't let your child come back from school and watch TV, get them to help around the house - this will keep them occupied.

3 Ways To Handle A Hyperactive/Difficult Child

2. Keep yourself sane.

Even though it may feel like your hyperactive child and your job are taking up all the time, it is important to take time out for yourself so that you can continue to nurture your hyperactive/difficult child without going nuts yourself.

The hard part of having a difficult child is that the child’s emotional needs sometimes feel bottomless, which why it is imperative to keep your mental health in check. Go out, socialise, work out, do everything you can to keep yourself happy.

3 Ways To Handle A Hyperactive/Difficult Child

3. Get professional help.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, professional help is needed. If your child’s doctor diagnoses them with ADHD, they may prescribe medication. They may also refer your child to a mental health specialist, like a psychologist or psychiatrist. These specialists can provide your child with counseling and help them manage their symptoms by developing coping strategies.

3 Ways To Handle A Hyperactive/Difficult Child