Stop Signs For Babies: A New Trend By Parents |

“Don’t Touch My Baby” Signs: A New Trend By Parents

Parents are using stop signs on their baby trams and car seats and this has caused a lot of controversy

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10 October 2018

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Mother and baby

Yup, you read it right….parents are attaching a stop sign to prevent people from touching their babies/

STOP! No Touching, Please Don’t Touch Me, Stop! Your germs are too big for me are just a few messages found on the warning signs attached to baby trams and car seats.

This new trend has recently emerged and has gained popularity with parents in light of various flu seasons. Causing some parents to be like:

The signs are politely asking people in the public to refrain from touching the baby as they might transit germs, which can be harmful to the baby’s developing immune system.

Common warning signs for children have been the “Warning: children on board,” which are used by parents when driving with their kids.

However, this unprecedented trend has sparked up some online controversy, with many stating that babies need germs to train their bodies to fight off sickness.

But parents using warning signs like these have voiced their reasoning, stating that it is sometimes necessary for premature babies and babies with compromised immune systems – many reporting positive results due to the reduced contact with people in public.

Parents who aren’t with or against this new trend are just shedding light on the lack of awareness that people might have regarding other people’s babies – some saying that they don’t mind the germs as much as they mind strangers touching the baby.

A baby’s immune system

While some parents are taking extra precautions to make sure their babies aren’t contracting any harmful germs or getting sick with the flu, it’s important to understand a baby’s immune system.

The immune systems of babies are fully developed until the second or third month – and this goes to healthy born babies, with exception to babies that are prematurely born or have sensitive immune systems.

When a baby is born, antibodies are passed down from the mother to the baby through breastfeeding and with time they produce their own antibodies every time they are exposed to viruses and germs.

Which is why some parents think that exposing them to all types of germs will eventually teach their immune system to fight off different diseases.

And while that is usually enough to aid in developing the baby’s immune system, these parents just seem to be taking precautions during their first months.