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10 Hilariously Honest Tweets Every Mum Will Relate To

There's never an easy time to be a mum.

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18 July 2017

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10 Hilariously Honest Tweets Every Mum Will Relate To

Being a parent is a miracle — literally. Once you get past the denial and shock stage, the rest of it is all about cramming your adult life into a 2-hour block each night after your kids have gone to bed.

No matter how many books you’ve read or articles you’ve archived, nothing can prepare you for the onslaught of dirty diapers, messy burps and public outbursts.

Of course, you knew your life won’t be the same after a child and that’s not what bothers you. What you miss the most are the little pleasures in life — taking a long bath, just walking out of the door with car keys and wallet, cooking at leisure, and taking the time to pamper yourself with a face pack.

But does that mean you’re not happy? Nope. You’ve never been happier before. You love every minute spent with your baby and you won’t have it any other way.

The good thing is, you’re not alone in the daily struggles of parenthood. Here are some new mums (just like you) who are taking out their frustration in the most hilarious and painfully honest tweets.

1. We're all in the same boat.

2. Ever heard of subliminal messages in Disney movies?

3. What you want to do VS What really happens.

4. Cause you SO deserve it.

5. Cause you're simply too tired to sleep.

6. Time's short and you've got A LOT to do.

7. Story of every mom.

8. You don't really have a way out.

9. Saying 'I don't know' doesn't work.

10. Every. Single. Time