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Five Tips To Help Your Kids With Homework

Try these 5 tips the next time you attempt to help your little ones with their homework

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27 September 2018

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You know the drill…as soon as homework time comes around, your kids automatically start to procrastinate

It’s not new news that homework puts kids off – they instantly get bored, start to procrastinate and before you know it its bedtime and the assignment hasn’t been completed yet.

And this is completely normal…we all despised homework time at home. It also makes sense because kids spend a minimum of six hours at school…and that’s without extracurricular activities.

By the time they reach home, the last thing they’d want to do is spend the next two hours doing homework.

So don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong – it’s in the nature of some children to hate homework.

BUT homework time doesn’t necessarily need to be very boring or hectic, try these 5 tips and maybe you’ll see better homework results.

1. Make a studying schedule


Being on top of homework time absolutely cannot happen without your organization – if your schedule is clear, your children’s learning is clear.

It provides them with the focus they need because as soon as the set schedule time comes around, they would have slowly been preparing for it and their focus will be shifted.

Also, try to include small breaks in between the studying schedule to allow your children some “breathing” time and watch their productivity increase.

2. Remove all possible distractions


If weak concentration isn’t your biggest trouble at homework time, then we don’t know what is - children’s attention span is limited to mostly their own interests and obviously homework isn’t one of their interests.

Therefore, by removing any and all possible distractions, you can ensure they are getting the best quality learning during homework time.

3. Make a dedicated space

You don’t want to place your children in the middle of the living room, right in front of the TV and ask them to focus on the task at hand…because that won’t work.

Having a dedicated space with a desk that allows them to spread their pencils and books on to concentrate and learn is the best thing to do.

And it’ll also subconsciously place them in a studying mood whenever they sit at their homework desk.

4. Set a time


Don’t just let your child sit for hours on end to complete their homework, this will just tire them instead and make them uninterested.

But setting a time or a goal time, your children will be more motivated to complete their homework between the timings set – it’ll teach them how to be efficient during shorter amounts of time.

You can even set goals at the end of the time limits – i.e. you can watch TV for 10 minutes if you complete your homework in an hour etc…

5. Be the tutor


This may seem the hardest, but if you have some time on your plate then why not opt to teach them the subject yourself.

Most parents opt for a tutor – however, bringing a stranger might not help as much. Your children already trust you and your capabilities and are more likely to listen to you.

So don’t just get concerned about their homework habits…get involved and take charge to ensure that your child is getting proper education inside and outside of the classroom.