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Oedipus Complex: Why A Father Is His Daughter’s First Love

What's the secret behind the bond between fathers and daughters...

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5 September 2017

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Oedipus Complex: Why A Father Is His Daughter’s First Love

Oedipus Complex is one of Sigmund Freud’s most controversial ideas; it basically indicates that children are simply attracted to the parent of opposite sex.

Which initially referred to the attraction of a son to his mother, The Oedipal Complex now indicates an unconscious desire for opposite-sex parent from both males and females.

Freud inspired the name from the Greek-mythology character Oedipus who accidently killed his father and married his mother. Later on, specifically in c. 429 BC, the play Oedipus Rex – based on the myth – was premiered.

The Oedipus Complex often take place during the phallic stage of psychosexual development – between ages 3 and 6 – which also happens to host the formation period of the libido and ego.

But On The Flip Side

Don’t reconsider sayings like “a dad is his daughter’s first love,” and “mummy’s boy” just yet, because, although Oedipus Complex – according to Freud – play a role in forming a kid’s sexual identity, the theory does indicate more PG ideas.

Oedipus Complex often leads to jealousy of same-sex parent, hence, developing castration anxiety in males, and penis envy in females, which later on are overcame by moral factors and ethical components provided by the superego, and by unconsciously accepting the fact of already-lost competition.

Oedipus Complex can leave a track-able trace in adulthood, which can be observed in men searching for mother-like wives, and women striving for men who look like their fathers. We hope we didn’t leave a corrupted perspective towards mother/sons’ wedding dances.