Snoring In Children: When To Be Worried |

Snoring In Children: When To Be Worried

When does snoring becomes serious...

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11 January 2018

When Should You Be Worried If Your Child Snores

There is a big debate going on right now around whether children snoring is dangerous or not.

To discuss the issue, we need to distinguish between the two causes of snoring. One of them is the noise generation during sleep caused by the soft tissue vibration in the throat, and the other is sleep Apnea–Hypopnea which happens when the actual oxygen intake is been compromised.

The time of snoring is also really important, as many kids snore loudly when they’ve caught a cold or flu. This type of snoring could be a sign of a serious problem if it became permanent.

When Should You See A Doctor:

  • The child is constantly breathing through the mouth
  • The child is snoring and changing positions several times at night
  • Extensive sweating, urinating at night

Diagnostic Tools

Parents should watch out for the aforementioned warning signs, and seek ENT consultations when spotting any.

Majority of sleep problems like snoring are caused by an increase of the adenoid-tonsillar tissue. Therefore, only reduction of the Adenotonsillar tissue could cure the disease.

Surgical Treatment

If the only reason for an adenoid-tonsillar surgery is snoring, then it is not required to remove the entire tonsils. This was an old method and had been updated 10 years ago. By the size reduction only, we are not putting the child into the risk of bleeding and also the pain less, which doesn’t even require special pain management and the patient can be sent home on the same day.

Do not underestimate sleep problems, as proper sleeping is mandatory for brain development. Snoring might also affect hearing sense, as proper hearing requires smooth and clear air-flow, since the ear is breathing through the nose.