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What to Do With Dad on Father's Day

Here's 7 ideas for 7 different types of dads out there...

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19 June 2016

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Father's Day in Dubai ideas

Father’s Day is here and what better way to show dad your boundless gratitude than by taking him out to enjoy some of his favourite activities.

There are plenty of places to take your dad this Father’s Day that may just peak his interest.

Fishing dad

How often do you get to bond with your dad, catch up on life while enjoying the great outdoors? If your dad enjoys fishing, then you should experience deep sea fishing in one of the local fishing spots. There are plenty of fishing tours that you can take your dad to in Dubai, or to make it extra special, treat him for a quick getaway to Umm al-Quwain or Fujairah for a fishing getaway!

Go-kart dad

If your dad is a bit of a thrill seeker, treat him to his own speedway adventure by taking him go-karting! Spend the day fast-and-the-furious style as you watch your dad in full speed and filled with excitement. Dubai is the go-to spot for all things cars, so you’re sure to find a go-kart centre near you!

Paintball dad

If your dad is all about competition, then this is definitely for you! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a family-friendly competition. May the best generation win!

Golf dad

Some people really enjoy golf and luckily for you, Dubai is filled with golf courses! Spend some one-on-one time with dad at your neighbourhood golf course. If you and your dad are new to golf, you could even opt to take some golfing lessons and learn the game from the real pros!

Sports dad

If your dad is a sporty dad then you’ve got to take him to his favourite sports bar and spend the evening watching his favourite sport with good food and good company.

Camping dad

If your dad is into hiking in the great outdoors, then a night of camping is just what you need. Get your tent ready and head over to the desert and swap memories, build a campfire and bond closely with the family. If you’d like to make it extra special, you could opt for a camping experience closer to Oman!

Pampered dad

Nothing says I love you like a relaxing massage, haircut and professional shave. Your dad will appreciate the alone time, and if he’s lucky, you might give his car a proper wash, while he is being pampered away!