To Work, Or Not To Work: That Is The Question Of Mothers |

To Work, Or Not To Work: That Is The Question Of Mothers

The different aspects of being a working, or a stay-at-home mummy.

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22 August 2017

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To Work, Or Not To Work: That Is The Question Of Mothers

The debate goes back to the start of the movement for gender equality (and we all know which gender we mean) in career fields. Since then, mothers have been wondering, what’s best for my family and me?

Well, the case is still open, and women can’t figure out whether being a working mom is better, or focusing all of your attention on your family is the best.

Hence, we tried to put down the different aspects of being a working mother, or a stay-at-home mummy.

Benefits of being a working mummy:

- Working keeps you aware of your self-utility. It keeps a mother connected with the larger world, in times she might feel as if her role in life is limited to her family.

- An extra pay-check won’t harm the family, while your kid might not understand the value of it right away, he surely will when his tuitions come knocking on your front door.

- Being a working woman might also play a crucial role in keeping that spark in your relationship. It’s far less likely to be taken for granted when you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with your man.

Drawbacks of being a working mummy:

- It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, and the worst part of it all is the “ghost of guilt”. Oh believe us, it’ll hunt you down every day of your life. And to be perfectly honest, missing out on those first steps or words is bittersweet.

- Your child will certainly miss having you around, he’ll complain and wish it was you hugging him, not some woman from a day care. Hopefully he’ll learn to get attached to people who care for him when you’re away.

- Basically, kiss your intimate times goodbye, because you won’t be having any when both you and your husband work.

Benefits of being a stay-at-home mummy:

To Work, Or Not To Work: That Is The Question Of Mothers

- First things first; all the free time, less stress, less exhaustion. You have the luxury of watching your child grow bit by bit, and you don’t have to split your energy, attention, or time between two places.

- The bond between you and your child will grow stronger each day, and not the other way around. Being available for care and support 24/7 is comforting from a child’s perspective. And so you won’t need anyone else to fill in for you.

- Home-cooked dinners are back, and so is your man. Being a stay-at-home mummy gives you the space to take more care of your husband and family.

Drawbacks of being a stay-at-home mummy:

- One word: BOREDOM. Get used to spending hours and hours of doing absolutely nothing (and by nothing I mean folding clothes, picking up toys of the floor, and cooking dinners). If you can’t indulge yourself in activities that involve both you and your child (those are difficult to find), then you might want to get used to endless sighs of boredom.

- Do you feel like your kids are clingier? Well, maybe because they’re used to relying on you constantly. That’s a natural consequence of having you around all the time, they’ll need more time to adjust to depending on themselves.

- Who deserves to take a break? You or the hubby? You might think it’s you who’s having it worse, but he’s also on his last legs. And arguments over “it’s your turn to carry/feed/change diapers for the baby” can turn to spark-ruining conflicts in your relationship.