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5 Nappy Changing Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Here's five tips to make your life with diapers easier...

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24 September 2017

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5 Nappy Changing Tips To Make Your Like Easier

Changing nappies most probably wasn’t part of your parenting and motherhood fantasies. But the baby is here, you’re locked in, and there’s no going back at this point.

Sure, you can run temporarily by invoking business and fatigue, thus shifting responsibility to your significant other, but you can’t hide forever. Unless you’re a Kardashian family member!

Anyhow, practice makes perfect, and whether you like it or not, time turns every parent into a “nappy master”, so here’s a few tips to make your life with diapers an easier one:

1. Choose The Right Nappy

Go for disposable nappies in the first few months when you’re still trying to figure out the whole “changing nappies” thing. And if you notice the nappies are causing your baby any inconvenience, try another type with a different fabric.

Make sure the nappies you choose suit your baby’s age, and change them accordingly.

5 Nappy Changing Tips To Make Your Like Easier

2. Stock Up

Newborns feed a lot, therefore, are likely to pee every one hour to three hours, and poo a couple of times a day. Thus always keep your nappy cupboard fully loaded and set.

3. Changing Mat

You’ll need two of those, one for home-changing, and the other for your outs and abouts. Consider durability when choosing the first one, while you need a thinner, portable one to fit in your bag.

4. Changing Nappies in Public

This might be a tough mission, but not an impossible one. Your need to always carry a pack of wet wipes in your baby bag. Make sure they’re suitable for sensitive skin.

Keep the changing mat warm. It is believed that babies often cry when changing nappies because of the sudden change in temperature.

Try to keep your baby still for as long as possible, to prevent them from evading the nappy-changing mission.

5 Nappy Changing Tips To Make Your Like Easier

5. The Basics

- Never leave you baby on the mat alone
- Change a nappy before or after every meal.
- Make sure your baby’s genitals are clean and dry before putting a new nappy.
- Give your baby some free time while changing, to allow air circulation around the area.
- Avoid using baby powders as they might cause frictions, and rather use baby creams.