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4 Ways to Eat Your Placenta

Are you tempted to eat your placenta after childbirth, but not sure how to do it? Here's some ways...

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5 July 2017

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4 Ways to Eat Your Placenta

It's not usually an aspect of the whole childbirth package that springs up often. And it's understandable that your first thought may be that of disgust or confusion. Nonetheless, creating the perfect postpartum dish using your placenta may be more common thank you think.

While the thought may not appeal to everyone, some women swear that eating the afterbirth may help avoid possible baby blues, boost your milk production and balance out your hormones resulting in a natural energy high.

But first... What's in your placenta?

The placenta is the only organ in a woman's body that grows, and then is naturally disposed of. It's an organ that nourishes your baby throughout your entire pregnancy. By the end of the nine months, it's full of vitamins - like vitamin B6, which is known to help combat depression.

Not only does it nourish your growing baby, but it keeps your baby's blood supply separate from your own, and helps your unborn child to carry out functions that it can't perform for itself.

The placenta produces hormones to help your baby grow and develop, and it also provides some protection against infection for while your child is in your womb. Plus, towards the end of your pregnancy, the placenta will pass antibodies from your body to your babys, giving them immunity for roughly three months post birth. However, these are only antibodies that you already have.

How can I eat the placenta?

If you're thinking about giving it a go, or already have your mind up, the next question would of course be, how?

While planning your pregnancy, make sure to remember to tell the hospital that you'd like to take your placenta home with you. Or include it in your birth plan.

Have it made into a placenta pill
Encapsulation is the latest trend in placental cuisine, which a specialist can do for you. They will take your placenta after birth, and cook, dehydrate (freeze-dry) and grind it into a powder, which is then encased in a vegetable-based capsule.

All you then have to do is pop a pill daily with some water, and Bob's your uncle!

Cook your placenta yourself
If you wish to prepare your placenta yourself, you will have to clean it, which includes draining all of the blood then rising it until it's pink. You'll then have to cut away the umbilical cord and membranes left.

Of course, like with any other meat, the downside of cooking your placenta yourself is the time-limit. It needs to be eaten within a few days.

Once prepared, it's no different from something you'd purchase from the butchers; so you're free to roast, or steam or sautée it as you please! You could even add herbs, garlic or flavouring to help it go down nicely!

Eat your placenta raw
Those who are fans of placentophagia, the practice of eating placenta, will say that most if not all other mammals eat their own placenta raw. Apparently, it's great for boosting immediate healing after childbirth.

Make it into a smoothie
A slightly easier way to eat raw placenta... You have the option of blending it with a piece of mixed fruits and juices, or any smoothie recipe that you like!

Are you thinking about eating your placenta? Or have you already done so? What were your experiences?