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Out of the Blues: a PNI Support Group in Dubai

Could you or anyone you know be suffering from PNI?

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5 July 2017

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Out of the Blues Support Group in Dubai

Post natal illness (PNI), also known as post natal depression is extremely common and can affect 1 in 10 mothers but is widely misunderstood and often goes untreated.

“Out of the Blues” is a non-profit support group with a private, closed online forum and support network run by the five Blue Angels, for mums suffering from the baby blues or PNI here in Dubai.

The Blue Angels are expat mums who have experienced PNI and together we are determined to help the other mums in Dubai in their "hour of need". No one need suffer alone. We are here to offer non-judgmental support.

What are the signs of PNI?

Post natal illness is a recognised and treatable condition. It can affect any mother, regardless of nationality, and can begin as soon as your baby is born, though is not often diagnosed until later on.

Symptoms of PNI vary from person to person but can include feeling sad, anxious and unable to look forward to anything. Sufferers often feel little or no joy in being a mother, suffer a lack of motivation and experiences extreme tiredness. Some mothers describe having a 'foggy' or 'woolly' head and that they feel quite different to how they did before.

How you can contact Out of the Blues

If you think you or someone you know could be suffering with PNI, please ask them to get in touch. Everything is treated as confidential our email, forum and Facebook page are set up so that women can share their thoughts, worries or stories and we will reply within 24 hours, guaranteed. (There is even an emergency mobile number for women who need to talk to a Blue Angel immediately).

There is little support here in Dubai for PNI sufferers and we often feel families and friends don't understand. Even if we are not sufferers ourselves we need to be vigilant and keep an eye on the women in our lives who have recently had babies.

Although we are not counselors we have all experienced PNI in our own way and we do understand. We came through it, are stronger for it and are determined not to let others suffer alone.

  • Come to our monthly Coffee Mornings which happen every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10.00am
  • Meet us at our informal Evening Support Groups every 1st Sunday of the month at 8pm to meet the Blue Angels and others.
  • Contact us on Facebook via our members only page Out of the Blues - www.facebook.com/groups/406112256137982
  • Join our BIG TENT forum which is also closed and completely private - www.bigtent.com/groups/outoftheblue
  • Email us directly on [email protected]
  • It truly helps to share your feelings and realise that you are not alone and that you will get better.

    We will listen without prejudice, we have a 24-hour helpline if things get too much and we also have a great relationship with a counsellor based in Dubai who is happy to take referrals from us if there is someone who needs more support than we can offer personally but by no means does this remove you from the group.