Tips On How To Get Your Body Back After Giving Birth |

Tips On How To Get Your Body Back After Giving Birth

Here's 6 tips to help you shred down those extra few pounds...

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14 September 2017

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Tips On How To Get Your Body Back After Giving Birth

There's no denying that pregnancy can leave you with some extra pounds here and there. After carrying and growing a baby INSIDE OF YOU - yes because our bodies are that amazing - there's no shame in having a few extra numbers on the scales at the end of it.

Of course, from mum to mum, that extra weight can be either of little or huge significance... Whatever category you fit in, that's perfectly okay.

For those of you new mummas out there who are a little conscious of your baby weight, don't be ashamed - because yes, there are things you can do to help shed it easily, and in ways that suits both you and baby.

Sure, as any woman knows, losing weight isn't as easy as 'eat a salad and walk around a bit' - especially when you have the added weight of your new baby glued to your arms or hips.

And we hate to break it to you - unless you’re Adriana Lima with a personal trainer on speed dial, it might be that bit more of a struggle to get rid of the literal buns in the oven, once the metaphorical one is out. And we of course are here to help.

Here’s some intriguing advice and tips on how to shred down those extra few post-baby pounds:

1. Wake up early

Whether you're a stay-at-home mum or getting back to work, if you have that constant urge to sleep all morning long - we have bad news! If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to start getting up early and move. We’re not saying go all fitness freak right off the bat, but do consider walking the dog, jogging, joining a yoga class, or even taking out the garbage. Not really, that’s not moving.

Some specialists even claim that working out in the morning gives you that metabolic kick, hence helps your body burn more fat. It’s also getting it out of your way, because you already have enough going on de facto.

2. Breastfeeding

An extra point in favor of those who are pro-breastfeeding; it helps you lose weight. In fact, nursing your babe the old-fashioned way burns between 500 and 700 calories per day.

However, you do need to pay extra attention to your diet when you stop breastfeeding, because you might feel ravenous. Or get back to your old eating habits...

3. Diets

Avoid diets that eliminate specific nutrients: you need a proper nutrition after giving birth – and that includes nutrients. Instead, opt for a balanced, rich in a variety of nutrients diet.

4. Smaller Meals

Don’t go munching on family-sized meals, just because they’re made up of healthy foods. Instead, follow a diet of 5 or more small meals a day.

5. Snacks

Snacks are good, so eat more of them between meals. Just make sure they’re healthy, like raw, unsalted nuts, fruits and veggies, unsalted popcorn, and so on.

6. Water

Water, my friend, is your new best friend (and so is the restroom - still!). Drink lots, loads, and plenty of it. Keep a bottle within reach, and a ladies’ room within sight.