Commonly Asked Questions by Motorists in Dubai |

Commonly Asked Questions by Motorists in Dubai

Automotive professionals from Expat Motors answer the most frequently asked questions from Dubai drivers

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10 February 2020

Last updated on 11 February 2020
Commonly Asked Questions by Motorists in Dubai, Answered

From why steam is pouring out of your car to when is the best time to buy a car in Dubai, Expat Motors has the solutions

Once upon a time if UAE drivers had a question about their car, they would need to look to a more knowledgeable relative or friend, or rely on their mechanic for an answer. But now, thanks to the internet, we can find the answer to our burning motoring-related questions from experienced automotive professionals in Dubai with just a few keystrokes.

While you can find out everything from how to find the best car insurance in the Emirate to how to customise your vehicle, most of Dubai motorists’ queries are far more straightforward than that.

With over 30 years of experience, British-owned Expat Motors is your "go-to" experts for buying, selling, trading, and finding info on cars in Dubai.

Sonny Bains, General Manager of Expat Motors, helps to shed some light on the most frequently asked car conundrums...

What does it mean when steam is pouring out of your engine?

Steam coming out from your car engine means you have a leak or a component has failed.

"Most modern vehicles are cooled using a pressurised water system. Water circulates around the system via a series of pipes, a pump and one or more radiators and which, as the water passes through them utilise cool air and in turn cools down the water, this keeps the car running at the optimum temperature," says Sonny.

"The water will get up to the 90+ degrees when the car is operating but is stopped from reaching the boiling point with chemicals called ‘coolant/antifreeze’ - this fluid works to stop the water reaching 100 or below 0."

Commonly Asked Questions by Motorists in Dubai, Answered

So what should motorists do when steam is pouring out of your engine? Sonny says: "The first thing to do is to STOP and turn OFF the engine."

"Stop driving immediately and see your nearest repair centre. If you continue to drive you may permanently damage the engine which will require replacement."

Is it worth paying AED 2,000 to take out the engine to look for problems on an old car?

Generally, it's not worth it.

"Any good mechanic can diagnose faults without removing the engine."

Sonny said that the engine is split into two sections: the head (top) and the big end (bottom).

"Many common problems start at the top (head) and can be fixed while the vehicle is in situ. If it's the bottom end, this would generally mean the engine needs to be replaced, so removal would be a pointless exercise."

Commonly Asked Questions by Motorists in Dubai

When is the best time to sell my car in Dubai?

Sonny revealed that there are peaks and low points throughout the year for Dubai, as it has a fluid and transient expat population where people come and go all the time.

"Lots of people will leave during the summer so there can be a lot of cars coming onto the market, and lots of people coming in late august so that can be especially busy."

He reassured that generally, Dubai's automobile markets are steady throughout the year.

"But common sense and logic can be applied, for example - trying to sell a car one day before public holidays such as EID holidays, etc. may not be a good idea."

When is the best time to buy a car in Dubai?

"Buying during any time of year is fine. In particular, there are a lot of deals on during Ramadan, especially for new cars," says Sonny.

"But if you see a car you like then don’t let anything stop you exploring buying."

If you're looking for a pre-owned car in Dubai and would like some expert knowledge and expertise on where to search, Expat Motors can help you find an approved vehicle that suits both your needs and budget.

On top of a tailored service, Expat Motor's strict preparation service - which also includes detailed checks - ensures that you're in safe hands when buying a pre-owned vehicle in Dubai.

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