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7 Things That Can Land You in Jail When Driving in the UAE

Motorists can face jail time and other harsh penalties for committing some serious traffic violations in the UAE.

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12 July 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
7 Things That Can Land You in Jail When Driving in the UAE
You can face different challenges while driving in the UAE, mainly because of a possible lack of awareness about traffic rules and difference in driving conditions from your homeland. The UAE government and traffic authorities continue to launch campaigns to aware people of all the traffic rules and traffic violations that can be penalised heavily in the UAE. It is important to understand that you need to be aware of all the traffic violations in the UAE as some of these violations can even result in jail time. Becoming aware of such violations and making the best effort to avoid them is all that you need to do to avoid hefty penalties in the UAE. 

Before digging deep into the details of the traffic violations that can land you in the jail, let’s first find out why people commit the dangerous traffic violations in the UAE.

Why People Commit Dangerous Violations? 

The major problem that you can face when driving in the UAE is the lack of awareness about the traffic rules. It can take a bit of time for you to adjust to the driving conditions in the UAE that are considerably different from what you have been experiencing in your own country. Other than the lack of awareness about the traffic rules, you can also commit traffic violations because of reasons like distracted and panicked driving. 

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It is essential that you follow the due procedure to obtain a driving license in the UAE as it can help them understand the driving conditions and traffic rules of the UAE in an effective manner. 

Traffic Violations in the UAE that Can Land You in Jail 

New and amended traffic rules have been implemented in the UAE from the 1st of July, 2017. The traffic rules have been changed to improve road safety in the UAE and traffic authorities have been making efforts to aware motorists about the new traffic rules through awareness campaigns. 
Traffic Violations in the UAE that Can Land You in Jail
According to the traffic rules in the UAE, motorists can face penalties including a fine, black points against the driving license and jail time based on the nature of the traffic offence. Some of the traffic violations have minor penalties, but penalties for some dangerous traffic violations are decided by courts for which motorists can even face jail time. 
Let’s explore different types of traffic violations that are extremely dangerous and can even land motorists in jail.  
  • Driving under the Influence of Alcohol 

Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in impaired driving, which can cause dangerous road accidents. The offender will either have to pay a fine of AED 20,000 or serve jail time for this violation as per the judgment of the court. Offenders will also face 23 black points against their driving license and 60 days of car impounding for this offence. 
  • Overtaking on a Hard Shoulder

Reckless driving has emerged to be a major traffic problem in the UAE and overtaking on a hard shoulder is one of most dangerous reckless driving behaviours exhibited by drivers. Hard shoulder is the marked area on the road that is designated for emergency vehicles. Motorists can face jail time for overtaking on a hard shoulder as it can result in dangerous collisions between multiple vehicles. Motorists will also have to face a traffic fine of AED 1,000 and 6 black points against their license for committing this offence.   
  • Tailgating 

Motorists in the UAE can face jail time if they fail to leave sufficient distance between their vehicle and vehicle ahead. Tailgating is one of the major traffic violations in the UAE and has caused road deaths in many fatal road accidents. Tailgating can result in jail time as per the judgment of the court while other penalties for this offence include a fine of AED 400 and 4 black points against the license of the offender. 
  • Sudden Lane Swerving  

Sudden lane swerving is another dangerous offence that can cause fatal road accidents. You must be aware of the fact that poor lane discipline in the UAE can result in jail time. Other penalties for this traffic violation are AED 1,000 fine and 4 black points against the driving license.   
  • Serious Injuries

For serious injuries resulting from an accident, the penalties are harsher. While the time in prison will be decided by courts for this offence, the offenders will also be charged with 23 black points and car impounding for 30 days. 
  • Causing Death of Others

Motorists can be sent to jail for causing death(s) of other commuters on the road. The offenders are also charged with 23 black points and 60 days of impounding of their vehicle.  
  • Not Stopping After Causing an Accident that Resulted in Injuries 

Motorists can face jail time for not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuries on the road. AED 500 fine, 8 Black points and 7 days of vehicle impounding are other penalties that motorists will have to face for this offence.

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Adopt a Proactive Approach to Avoid Serious Traffic Penalties in the UAE

Motorist should always follow traffic rules and remain attentive while driving in order to avoid dangerous road situations, especially the ones that have a jail time penalty. You should always adopt a proactive and careful approach while driving in the UAE as it can guarantee safety from dangerous road situations as well as hefty penalties such as time in prison. 
Another proactive way of avoiding hefty traffic penalties could be to buy cars that are equipped with advanced driver assist and safety features. These cars have state-of-the-art technologies that assist the driver to maintain attention on the road and if the system detects a lapse in attention then it can even take charge of the vehicle to avoid an accident. Modern cars have a number of driver-assist features that ultimately help in reducing the chance of a dangerous road accident induced by distracted or careless driving behaviour. 
Listed below are some useful driver-assist and safety features to avoid dangerous road situations that can land a driver in jail: 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control 
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Forward Collision Control
  • Automatic Emergency Braking 
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Driver Attention Assist