How to Report a Minor Car Accident in Dubai |

How to Report a Minor Car Accident in Dubai

Motorists should adopt the right way to report a minor accident in Dubai so that they don’t disrupt the flow of traffic.

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8 November 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Reporting a Minor Accident in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know
Dubai is a metropolitan city with a high expatriate population, which makes traffic culture of the emirate truly diverse. Dubai also has the world’s highest resident to car ratio (2:1) that poses even tougher road safety challenges for traffic authorities. Other than these factors, disregard of traffic rules and reckless driving behavior of young motorists has continued to worsen the road safety situation in Dubai over the last few years. 
Unfortunately, anyone driving can face a dangerous road situation at some point in Dubai, which is why being prepared to carefully deal with such a situation is critical. Motorists should always handle the minor road accidents appropriately and report these accidents to Police according to the guidelines of traffic authorities. If handled inappropriately, vehicles involved in a minor accident can obstruct the flow of traffic, which can cause traffic jams. 

Understanding what is a Minor Accident According to Traffic Authorities

According to traffic authorities, an accident that involves a collision between two to five vehicles can be termed as a minor accident. Dubai Police has warned motorists against waiting for Police patrol to arrive at the accident site to report a minor accident. It is a common practice among motorists, which can disrupt the flow of traffic and result in a serious traffic congestion. 

How to Report a Minor Accident in Dubai? 

Traffic authorities have facilitated motorists with various ways to report a minor accident. Dubai Police has urged motorists to use Dubai Police App as it is the safest and quickest way to report a minor road accident. Motorists can also report a minor accident through the Dubai Police website or at selected Enoc petrol stations across the emirate. 

Reporting a Minor Accident through Dubai Police App

Dubai Police has made it possible for motorists to report a minor accident safely through their mobile app with minimum effort. The Dubai Police App is very user-friendly and reporting a minor accident through this app takes as little as three minutes. 

Here is how you can report a minor accident using Dubai Police App:
  • Download the Dubai Police App from Apple App Store or Android Play Store.
  • Tap the “Report an Accident” button in the App. Turn on the GPS location on your phone and you will see a map that will track the location where the accident has occurred. You will also receive a message to move your car to the side of the road while you are reporting the accident. 
  • Tap the “Report” button to report the accident and list down the number of vehicles involved in the accident, which should not be more than five.
  • Choose the vehicle type, for example, car, motorcycle, truck or bus. 
  • Take the picture of the damaged parts of the vehicle from your phone’s camera.
  • Mention the driver responsible for the accident. 
  • Select the “Options” button to describe the details of the accident. 
  • Enter your email address and phone number so that Police can email you the accident report which you can provide to your insurance company. 
All of this gets done in just three minutes, which makes it the easiest way to report a minor accident. Motorists can also report a minor accident through the Dubai Police website. If two parties involved in an accident can’t determine the driver at fault, both should report the accident and Police will later investigate and issue the Police report accordingly. 

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Reporting a Minor Accident at Enoc Petrol Stations

This is a relatively newer service offered by Dubai Police to facilitate motorists looking to report a minor accident. Now motorists can avoid waiting in long queues at Police stations to report a minor accident and can report it at one of the ten selected Enoc petrol stations. Dubai Police have trained 58 Enoc employees for this purpose who will assist motorists in reporting a minor accident and will also help them in understanding the use of Dubai Police App to report a minor accident. 

Listed below are the locations of the Enoc stations where motorists can report a minor accident: 
  • Mohammad Bin Zayed Road
  • Tripoli Street
  • Arabian Ranches Exit 311
  • Oud Metha Road near Al Wasl Club
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Roundabout 13
  • Al Khail Road in Al Quoz 2 on exit 44
  • Al Khail Road in Al Barsha Area near Barsha Police Station
  • Bypass Road Station on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road
  • Al Rasheed Street Near Abu Hail Clinic
  • Al Mezher Area Near the Market
These areas witnessed an increased number of minor road accidents in recent times, which is why Dubai Police has started providing its service to report a minor accident at Enoc petrol stations located in immediate vicinity of these areas. 

Adopt a Safe and Careful Approach to Report Minor Accidents in Dubai

Regardless of whether a vehicle has hit your vehicle or vice-versa, it is important not to lose your patience in a minor road accident situation. In such situations, drivers involved in a minor accident should take their vehicles to a safe side on the road and turn the hazard lights on so that they don’t obstruct the flow of traffic. 
Reporting a minor accident through Dubai Police App is quick and stress-free, but if someone doesn’t know how to use the app, he/she can report the accident at a nearby Enoc petrol station. By facilitating motorists with helpful services, Dubai Police aims to improve the road safety in the emirate for the long-term.