Driverless Taxis Will Be Available In Dubai |

Driverless Taxis Will Be Available In Dubai

Looking for a new way to drive around the city? A new autonomous taxi might just be the way to go…

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14 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Photo Courtesy: Dubai Media Office

Transportation in Dubai is no biggie – you can find taxis everywhere and the metro is easily accessible.

From RTA taxis, Uber, Careem and the Dubai Metro, a resident and tourist in Dubai will never run out of transportation options to use in the emirate – there’s even a helicopter taxi service!

From regular road hailing taxis to location accurate applications – maneuvering around Dubai is very simple and beautiful due to the gorgeous backdrops of Dubai’s skylines.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, RTA is unleashing a completely autonomous taxi as another transportation option in the city.

Here’s what you NEED to know about this awesome new transport service

1. First of its kind in the region

A pioneer in the Gulf region, Dubai does it once again and now with the help of this driverless taxi, it breaks records.

Nowhere else in the GCC region does the country offer taxi transportation services without the need of a driver.

2. It will run on dedicated routes

Don’t worry, the driverless car doesn’t actually drive like fast and furious – it runs on already dedicated routes around Dubai.

It will firstly run on routes around Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is known to house the Technology Park – a tech hub for entrepreneurs, start up and tech companies.

And later one, it will help transport passengers from the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram to their final destinations – this way it will help facilitate movement and traffic from public areas.

3. It is very safe and secure

You won’t have to grab the edge of your seat – the driverless Dubai taxi is equipped with cameras and sensors that fully view traffic and road conditions, which control the vehicle to avoid incoming collisions and accidents.

It is has been rated to have “top safety and security standards” by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

4. It will transform Dubai’s transport

Amongst Dubai’s various upcoming projects, the emirate also hopes to transform 25% of the city’s total journeys into self-driving methods by 2030.

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