Dubai Drivers Will Be Able To E-Register Vehicles for a Lifetime |

Dubai Drivers Will Be Able To E-Register Vehicles for a Lifetime

The RTA will introduce e-registration cards with no expiry date from next month

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23 July 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Lifetime e-registration permits in Dubai

From 1st August 2018, motorists in Dubai will be able to replace their existing vehicle registration cards with lifetime e-registration permits, as part of a new scheme by RTA.

The new service launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), entails that registration cards issued for vehicles will no longer have an expiry date, they will be renewed upon the completion of procedures. The service will be accessible through the RTA Dubai App, Dubai Drive App and RTA’s website.

Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA, revealed that: “the copy of the e-registration (Vehicle Driving Permit) will be sent to the client via e-mail and will appear on the RTA app.” Motorists then have a permanent registration, which they can keep as a printout in case they are travelling (in their vehicle) outside the UAE.

The new system will apparently make registering your vehicle in Dubai much easier, saving time, effort and even the environment, as according to Sultan Al Marzouqi, the new process “limits the use of environmentally harmful materials.”

Third Phase of Vehicle E-registration Scheme

The introduction of e-registration for vehicles with no expiry date is the third and final phase of the new vehicle e-registration scheme from the RTA. The initial phase was launched in January and enabled government vehicles, car rental companies and taxis to opt for the lifetime e-registration. This was followed by phase two in May, which allowed private company vehicles to also e-register.

The move comes under RTA’s Smart City initiative, as the company undertakes a gradual electronic transformation of all services. The lifetime e-registration permits for vehicles will be introduced to residents in Dubai starting from next month.



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