Dubai Drivers Will Soon Be Rewarded For Following The Speed Limits |

Dubai Drivers Will Soon Be Rewarded For Following The Speed Limits

Drivers will earn reward points for sticking to the speed restrictions on Dubai’s roads

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12 October 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Dubai Drivers Will Soon Be Rewarded For Following The Speed Limits

In an effort to encourage Dubai drivers to follow the speed limits in place across the emirate, Dubai Police will now in fact reward good drivers with points.

These points will be able to be redeemed for vouchers and gifts – where, how and what kind is yet to be clarified however.

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Expected to be implemented after the Gitex Technology Week 2017 ends, Dubai Police officials hope that the rewards initiative will encourage drivers to not exceed speed limits.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police said, “it is a unique idea and is part of Dubai Police’s strategy to have safer roads and reduce casualties.

“Drivers will earn white points by registering in the programme”, he told Gulf News.

To register for the programme, drivers can log in to the Dubai Police application on their smartphone.

In the app (iOS/Android), drivers will find a map for use, and will be able to check points earned while driving.

Of course – if you exceed the limit, not only will you face a flashing-light and subsequent fine, but drivers will also have points deducted from their rewards number.

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Though it is yet to be 100% confirmed what distance a driver will earn these ‘white points’, but the director of the Traffic Department, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui told
Gulf News that only Dubai-registered vehicles will be eligible for the programme and earn points every five or ten kilometres.

“Speeding is a serious offence in Dubai which cause death[s] and injuries every year. With this programme, we hope to motivate drivers to follow speed limits.

“Motorists can form a team and compete with other teams to see who earns higher points,” Brigadier AL Mazroui added.

Anyone else getting Super Mario Kart vibes from the last detail? Perhaps it will encourage drivers within families to form some healthy competition between them to see who in fact, is the safest (and best) driver in the group.