Dubai Just Broke A New World Record By Using Lego Blocks |

Dubai Just Broke A New World Record By Using Lego Blocks

The Lego blocks were used as part of the world’s largest driving awareness campaign…

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14 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
 Lego Blocks

Once again, Dubai is home to a world-breaking record and just proves that the only way to go is up

Dubai may just have five letters to its name – but those five letters have a world-recognised meaning.

The emirate of Dubai has been recognised on the map for various reasons – world’s tallest building, world’s tallest hotel, world’s busiest airport and more…

And now Dubai takes home another title with the help of 160,000 Legos; it broke a Guinnes World Record just a few days ago.

As part of an awareness campaign by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai won the achievement by putting together the biggest awareness message using Lego blocks.

The campaign is called “Your Life is worth more than a phone call,” and aims to send a loud and clear awareness message to an ongoing issue with drivers nowadays.

It wants to shed light on the risks of using a phone while driving because motorists are four times more likely to get into an accident due to distraction – there is a 50% delayed response in drivers when using phones while driving.

The campaign used around 20,000 Lego blocks to write the message in English and Arabic, while the remaining 140,000 Lego blocks were used to make the plaque at the site of the event to hold the message.

People of the public and students were invited to help build the record-breaking Lego campaign – this way they were a part of the awareness campaign, in hope to create a lasting memory for them and remind them against using their phones while driving.