Dubai Police Are Testing Flying Motorcycles and Hoverbikes in Dubai |

Dubai Police Are Training To Use Awesome New Flying Motorcycles

This new addition to the Dubai Police transportation method is just super cool!

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11 November 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Photo Courtesy: CNN

Luxury and transportation come hand in hand in Dubai

And that even applies to the Dubai Police, who are known to use some of the most extravagant cars in the world.

With limited edition license plates to luxury cars to catch bad guys in – there’s absolutely nothing mediocre about being a police officer in Dubai.

And now the Dubai Police can add another unique transportation vehicle to that ongoing list because as of now they’ll be riding in style.

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Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Dubai Police has already started training to use flying motorbikes to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Catching bad guys has never been easier when you can literally hover right over traffic and apprehend the suspects.

However, this wasn’t an unprecedented decision, the hoverbike was unveiled at the GITEX convention last year.

And now the white and green adorned hoverbike is completely ready with the colours of the Dubai Police.

Even though the training was only given to two officers this week, Dubai Police aims to have more hoverbikes for officers in the emirate by 2020.

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The hoverbikes are functional with battery technology for now – but Hoversurf, the tech company behind the hovering motorbikes, aims to have more advances in new materials, including graphene that can increase the flight duration of the bike.

This unique bike also has advanced technologies and propulsion systems – with a ducted fan system, which is smaller, safer and quieter than more propellers out there.

You can own a hoverbike too

If you’re totally amazed by this new transportation vehicle and wish you could own one in Dubai too, then you can.

With a payment of $150,000 (AED550,950) you can own one too – buyers are, however, screened to make sure they can handle the hoverbike and have to meet the UAE’s Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

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