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Dubai’s New Visionary Sky Pods Are the Future of Public Transport

They were unveiled this week during a visit to the Al Rashidiya Metro Depot by HH Sheikh Hamdan

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6 December 2018

Last updated on 2 May 2021
Dubai Sky Pods by RTA

We all know that Dubai has incredible ambition and vision for the future of the city…

From autonomous vehicles, an EPIC new supercar for Dubai Police PLUS the incredible Future of the Museum currently being constructed - to name a few - there is no end to what Dubai envisions.

With that said, this recently unveiled and futuristic mobility system is most definitely jaw-dropping.

Praised by the Crown Prince of Dubai himself, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) this week shared their new public transport option that will revolutionise how we get around the city: the Dubai Sky Pods.

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With a top speed of 150 km/h, and able to carry around 20,000 riders per hour – the Dubai Sky Pods by the city’s RTA are said to be five times more efficient than standard electric vehicles.

Not only that, but their infrastructure would be TEN times smaller than that needed by conventional transit systems of a similar capacity, reports The National.

Check out the video shared by Dubai Media Office:

Sharing on social media, HH Sheikh Hamdan said “During a visit to the Metro Depot at Al Rashidiya, I was briefed on the progress of a series of RTA projects related to artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, and shared mobility/transport.

“Dubai thinks out-of-the-box...

“It is taking bold steps with the aim of kick-starting a revolution in transportation by undertaking new projects such as the Dubai Sky Pods, a futuristic mobility system that requires one tenth the infrastructure of conventional transit systems”.

Two models were unveiled by RTA at the Metro Depot, each with different design elements but both equally as awe-inspiring to look at… And think of their possibilities in the future!

Check out the pictures:

Dubai Sky Pods by RTA

HH Sheikh Hamdan explores RTA's new Dubai Sky Pods | Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai Sky Pods by RTA

Image Credit: Dubai Media Office