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Heads Up: Driverless Taxis Are Operating In This Dubai Area

Don’t be surprised to be driven without a taxi driver in Dubai

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2 January 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Driverless taxi Dubai

Living in the new age, Dubai has already rolled out futuristic projects

We reported back in October that Dubai has revealed the first-ever driverless taxis that will be available to the public.

Well, the time has come and it is now available on a trial basis at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Residents in this area are amongst the first people in the whole UAE to test out the automated and driverless taxi.

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The test runs started on Monday in Dubai Silicon Oasis after the green light from the Roads and Transport Authority and Dubai Police.

It’ll be available to all the public

While you’ll have to head on over to Dubai Silicon Oasis to witness the futuristic cab in motion, the driverless taxi is still not available to all the public.

Currently, it is moving alongside designated routes in Dubai Silicon Oasis and will be on a trial phase for the next 3 months.

After the conclusion from the trial phase, RTA and Dubai Police will determine when and where they will start rolling out the driverless cabs in the UAE.

Moving at speeds of 35km per hour, the driverless taxi is able to transport a maximum of four people at a time.

And for those who are worried about the safety of the driverless cab – it’s not entirely driverless during the test phase.

While a cab driver is in the front and can take over the vehicle in times of an emergency, he/she are not driving it otherwise.

The driver is able to help assess whether or not the taxi is safe for Dubai roads and help in determining the outcome of the trial phase.

No taxi hailing just yet

While in the UAE, if you raise your arm, you’re able to hail a taxi – these driverless taxis are not for hailing just yet.

Members of the public cannot call on the driverless cab but for now passengers can be amongst the first to be part of the trial phase in Dubai Silicon Oasis via invitations to take part.

New features

The driverless taxis in the UAE is a true futuristic project and is amongst the first in the world.

Nicknamed the taxi of the future, these taxis will help facilitate transportation in the emirate and will help increase transportation options.

It currently includes

  • 4 sensors that are located on each corner of the cab
  • 3 cameras on the front, rear and inside the cab
  • 2 radars on the front grille
  • 1 radar on top of the cab


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