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Ignoring the Zebra Crossing Rules Could Land You a AED 500 Fine

Pedestrians are being reminded about the rules of the road

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10 July 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Jazz-Inaya Hamilton at ExpatWoman
by Jazz-Inaya Hamilton
Reminder: Not following zebra crossing rules could land you a Dhs500 fine

When it comes to using a zebra crossing, the rules are quite simple - and yet people here need to be reminded of them...

Anyone who visits Barsha Heights will understand that a trip around the area is a true test of your zebra crossing knowledge... Whether you're the driver or passenger.

And with a multitude of different driving abilities on the roads in Dubai, it's understandable that some people might forget the laws of the roads.

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But the rules are simple - if you're driving and approach a zebra crossing, pedestrians have the right of way. Not only that but if the car beside you has stopped for someone to cross, by law, you must stop as well. If there is traffic behind you, turn on your hazard lights to give them a warning.

As part of ongoing efforts to improve road safety for all, both drivers and pedestrians are reminded of the penalties if these rules are not followed.

In fact, not complying with these laws can land you with a AED 500 fine and six black points on your licence.

For walking pedestrians, always cross at places that are allocated for crossing otherwise you face being slapped with a AED 400 fine. If you’re at a light wait until it turns green, and make sure you are always alert and looking where you're going when crossing any road.