Motorists Heading To Sharjah Will Experience 5 More Days Of Roadwork |

Motorists Heading To Sharjah Will Experience 5 More Days Of Roadwork

Travel to and from Sharjah every day? Here are the road projects that you’ll need to know about

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25 October 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Sharjah Roads

As a motorist in the UAE, the roads tend to change to ease traffic and soothe congestion

Motorists who live in Sharjah have been experiencing more and more traffic, especially during peak hours lately.

At times getting stuck in traffic for an hour or two with no avails – accidents, smaller roads, redirections and constructions are all reasons behind the slow transportation.

And now residents in Sharjah will face more traffic diversions especially near these areas due to roadworks this week.

  • 1. The Al Buhairah Corniche
  • 2. The Al Soor area

The road diversions had started earlier last week and will continue until October 30, 2018 if plans go accordingly.

Motorists were warned to find alternative routes to their destinations in the following:

  • Sharjah as King Faisal Street towards Al Arouba Street

Which has been partially closed and may experience congestion during peak time.

More road projects

The Roads and Transport Authority in Sharjah announced earlier this year an AED4 million road project aimed towards the Central Souq and Al Ittihad Park, which will be carried out during the next two months in the emirate.

All of these maintenance work is aimed to help the traffic congestions as well as improve the quality of road infrastructure in the emirate. It also hopes to improve the quality of residents and their transportation methods.