Myths About Buying a New Car in Dubai |

Myths About Buying a New Car in Dubai

When it comes to buying a car in Dubai, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here's some help!

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13 March 2016

Last updated on 8 November 2020
Myths About Buying a New Car in Dubai

The myths surrounding buying a brand new car in Dubai can make the whole purchasing process a real overwhelming hassle.

We get it, and that’s why we are here to help! So, you’ve got a deal on a great new car in the UAE that you simply can’t turn away. With low monthly payments, free upgrades, maintenance and service, it is a deal of a lifetime, and it’s not the kind of deal that you could get with a pre-owned car right? Not quite.

Although new cars are great and are everyone’s first choice, if you are on a budget, you may have to downgrade your expectation to a pre-owned car – which is still a pretty good choice if you think about it.

We present to you the most common myths of buying a new car and driving in Dubai to help you make an informed decision next time you go vehicle shopping!

Free services and maintenance plans on new cars

When purchasing your new car, the car salesmen will often tell you that your brand new car comes with a free service and maintenance plans. What a sweet deal right? Wrong!

There’s no such thing as a free service, whether they will admit it or not, nothing comes free and such services do come at a cost that you’ve already paid in the sticker price of the car.

While a ‘free’ service and maintenance package is a good plan that comes with your new car, you can easily get this type of package on a pre-owned car as well.

New cars come at a great cost

Cars can often come with a reduced sticker price (promotional sales and discounts) that is hard to say no to. That’s fine, we all like a good deal don’t we? Just make sure to do your homework when purchasing a car at a reduced cost.

Here’s what you need to check for:

  • 1. The price of the car – how much is it in comparison to the normal price? Is it worth it?
  • 2. What is the interest rate that is signed off for the deal?
  • 3. How long do you have until you have to pay off the car?

These are three vital answers that you should look for when you plan to buy a car.

Finally, you MUST ask yourself before saying yes, is this the car you want? There’s no point in getting a car that you haven’t dreamed about, simply for a discount and a couple of perks.

After all, you are putting a lump sum of money down, might as well make it count right?

Common myths of buying a car and driving in Dubai

New cars are unbreakable

Not true. New cars that come from a well-known car manufacturer will last a long time before hitting any big problems, but at some point or another, you will face a problem with your car, simply because cars are not designed to last forever.

Let’s not forget the (rare) car recalls that have been happening recently due to manufacturing defects. Sorry to break it to you, but saying a new car will never breakdown is, unfortunately, a myth.

Insurance goes easy on new cars

Insurance is calculated on several key aspects, including your driving records, age, location, and even your gender. A new car does help with the insurance, but insurance numbers spike up more so, due to your personal factors than to your car.

Additionally, in some cases, if it’s a new car, you might be charged more for insurance, simply because the value of the car is higher.

Dealers make a lot of money off our sales

Though it seems that car dealers make heaps and heaps of money off of commission, the sad reality is that they only make a small marginal cut of the entire sale. So on a $30,000 car, they are likely to make about $1000 of commission on the sale, which is hardly a dent in the overall cost.

There you have it! Although it is often assumed that a dealer is a master manipulator, it is important to note that once you have signed the dotted line, the car and all its responsibilities fall under your name. Don’t make any impulsive decisions when buying a car, after all, you want to get the car that is right for you, with your favourite color, all the specs and that sweet new car smell.