Nol Gates in Dubai Metro Stations to Be Upgraded |

Nol Gates in Dubai Metro Stations to Be Upgraded

Upgrades will be done alongside installation of new gates for Route 2020

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17 January 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Nol gates to be upgraded in Dubai Metro stations

Route 2020 is an extension of the Dubai Metro Red Line, which will serve the Expo 2020 exhibition site.

Estimated to cost a whopping $2.9bn, the Route 2020 project by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is the first major expansion of the emirate's Red Line.

As part of its installation, Nol gates across all Dubai Metro stations will soon be upgraded as the new Route 2020 Dubai Metro stations have their brand new gates installed.

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The gates are being manufactured in France, where members of the RTA's technical team have been to test the functionality of the Existing Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gates. They're also testing the Central System Software of the entire Route 2020 project, reports Gulf News.

The new gate installations will include:

  • New ticket vending machines (TVM)
  • New ticket office machines (TOM)
  • New AFC gates with 3D sensors
  • Upgrading existing gates while adding more central system functionalities

It's unclear how these upgrade will Dubai's thousands of commuters who regularly use the Dubai Metro on a daily basis, but we're sure in true Dubai fashion, the installation of the gates shall be smooth sailing.

About Dubai Metro's Route 2020

The 15km extension of the Red Line will also see Dubai Metro receive 50 new trains, of which 15 will serve Route 2020, with the remaining serving the Red and Green Lines that act as a central transportation system for residents across the emirate.

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Once operational, the new intake will swell the number of trains on Dubai Metro's tracks to almost 700 in total.

Of course, the new, under-construction Expo Metro station will be Dubai's biggest metro station we've seen yet - and will be able to handle up to 46,000 passengers per hour!