Parking in Dubai: A Guide and Parking Zones Explained |

Parking in Dubai: A Guide and Parking Zones Explained

Everything you need to know about parking in Dubai

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7 November 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Parking in Dubai: A Guide and Parking Zones Explained

If you’ve been driving around in Dubai, you most probably noticed that the most of Dubai has paid parking and that most parking areas have specific letters assigned to them.

If you have been wondering what that is all about and how parking works in Dubai, then read on.

Parking zones:

All parking zones fall into one of three categories: commercial, non-commercial and special areas.

As the names suggest, commercial zones are parking available in commercial areas, and non-commercial zones are parking available in non-commercial areas. Special areas are allocated parking in areas like Deira Fish Market, TECOM and Downtown Dubai.

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This is what each zone will cost you and the timings during which you will be paying for parking: 

Zone Area Tariffs Timing
Zone A All roadside parking in commercial areas Dh 4 per hour 8am - 10pm
Zone B All parking lots in commercial zones Dh 3 per hour
Dh 20 for 24 hours
8am - 10pm
Zone C Roadside parking in non-commercial areas 1 hour: Dh 2
2 hours: Dh 5
3 hours: Dh 8
8am - 10pm
Zone D All parking lots in non-commercial areas 1 hour: Dh 2
2 hours: Dh 5
3 hours: Dh 8
24 hours: Dh 10
8am - 10pm
Special Areas
Zone E Deira Fish Market 1 hour: Dh 2
2 hours: Dh 5
8am - 11pm
Zone F Tecom areas Dh2 per hour, Dh5 for two hours, Dh8 for three hours, Dh11 for four hours 8am to 6pm
Zone G Parking on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard 1 hour: Dh 4 8am to 10pm

How to pay your parking:

You can pay your RTA parking ticket via one of the following ways:

At the paid parking machine: Use coins to pay for your parking at the closest paid parking machine and pop the receipt in your windshield to show that you paid for the parking.

Seasonal parking cards: You can get a roadside parking or parking lot seasonal parking pass. Just be aware that these aren’t valid everywhere. Roadside seasonal parking cards are Dh1,400 for three months, Dh2,500 for six months and Dh4,500 for one year. Parking lots seasonal parking cards are Dh700 for three months, Dh1,300 for six months and Dh2,500 for one year.

Prepaid cards: You can get these at supermarkets and grocery stores. Simply insert the card into the machine when you park and before you leave and the required balance will be deducted from the card.

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Nol card: The same as with the prepaid cards, you can also use your Nol card to pay for your parking.

Smart Parking: There are a number of apps that you can download to pay for your parking. Just search for “Dubai Parking” on your Apple or Android app store. Once you’ve downloaded an app  for this, just follow the instructions on how to pay for your parking.

mParking: You can also just send an SMS from your phone and your parking will be deducted from your phone bill at the end of the month. SMS your plate number *space* area code *space* number of hours to 7275. You will receive an SMS to confirm that your parking has been paid and a remind you when your parking ticket time is running out. You can simply extend your parking by replying “Yes” to the SMS. Just keep in mind that it is 30 fills per SMS.

Parking in Dubai: A Guide and Parking Zones Explained

Parking fines:

Parking in the wrong spot can get you a hefty fine if you are caught. Here are some fines that you can expect if you’re not careful:

  • Parking in loading and offloading areas: Dh200
  • Parking on road shoulder except in cases of emergency: Dh 200
  • Abuse of parking space: Dh 200
  • Parking without securing the car Dh500
  • Parking illegally Dh500
  • Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement  Dh300
  • Parking in fire hydrant places, spaces allocated for people with special needs and ambulance parking Dh1000
  • Parking on the left hand shoulder of road in prohibited areas Dh1000