UAE National Day Car Decorations Guidelines To Adhere To |

UAE National Day Car Decorations Guidelines To Adhere To

Avoid hefty fines by following the decoration guidelines for UAE National Day

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25 November 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
UAE National Day

A wonderful time to be in the UAE and celebrate the UAE

Is to be a part of the UAE National Day that is coming up sooner than you think.

The UAE government is gearing to celebrate the 47th National Day in the UAE this upcoming weekend – from public holidays, UAE flag decorations, national day events and more.

It is needless to say that the UAE will be bursting with celebrations for everyone in the country – UAE nationals and expats alike.

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However, there are a couple of rules that celebrators must keep in mind when taking part this UAE National Day.

Dubai Police announced a whole guideline that motorists should adhere to this weekend to avoid getting hefty fines on this special day in the country.

They announced that motorists in the UAE must remove any decorations from their car before December 6 – especially motorists who live in Abu Dhabi as they can get fined for not doing so.

Abu Dhabi Police has given motorists in the emirate a window from November 25 till December 6 to decorate their cars accordingly, however, the decorations must not interfere with the motorists’ ability to drive.

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As well as, not installing flagpoles on cars, not covering number plates and not changing the car’s original paint colour.

Here’s a complete list of rules;

  • Car decorations must not obstruct vision of driver
  • Do not install flagpoles on your vehicles
  • Do not try to blur or cover number plates
  • Do not change vehicle's original paint colour
  • Drivers and passengers should not use confetti sprays
  • Do notovercrowd vehicles or ride on top of vehicle roof
  • Do not stick bodies out of windows and leave vehicles unattended
  • Use of camels and horses on public roads is prohibited
  • Do notthrow waste items on the road, or leave skid marks on roads
  • Do not obstruct the flow of traffic and designated taxi and bus stands
  • Do notthrow items from outside of the car
  • Do notleave skid marks on road after drifting
  • Do not speed in speed control areas

These rules are set in place to celebrate the UAE while still respecting the law and complying with UAE driving road and safety guidelines.

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For other individuals in cars, the UAE police has advised against the following:

  • Do not stick your body out of car windows
  • Do not ride on top of the car roofs
  • Do not leave the car whilst it’s driving
  • Do not use camels or horses on public roads