UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices Announced for January 2023 |

UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices Announced for January 2023

The cost of fuel in the UAE will see a further reduction for January

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1 January 2023

Last updated on 5 January 2023
UAE official fuel and petrol prices for January 2023

These are the UAE gas prices for January 2023.

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After the Christmas and New Year holidays, many residents often feel the impact of all the festive spending come January. Thankfully, UAE officials announced that the cost of petrol and diesel has fallen for the month, which can come as a relief for motorists.

Special 95 will now cost AED 2.67 per litre, which was previously AED 3.18 in December.

Super 98 will be AED 2.78 per litre, down from AED 3.30 last month.

E-Plus 91 will be charged at AED 2.59 per litre, which used to be AED 3.18 in December.

Motorists will also pay less at the pump for diesel, which will cost AED 3.29 per litre, compared to AED 3.74 before new year.