These Are the UAE Petrol Fuel Prices for November 2022 |

UAE Petrol Prices for November 2022: Fuel Prices Have Increased

UAE fuel prices have risen for November. Here's how much you can expect to pay for gas

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1 November 2022

Last updated on 3 November 2022
What are the UAE petrol prices for November 2022?

UAE petrol prices have risen by nearly 30 fils per litre this month.

Starting from Tuesday November 1, petrol prices in the UAE will increase after three months of reduced costs. Petrol prices will rise up to 29 fils per litre, with Super 98 at AED 3.32 a litre (previously AED 3.03 in October), Special 95 at AED 3.20 a litre (previously AED 2.92 last month), and E-Plus 91 petrol will be AED 3.13 per litre (previously AED 2.85 in October).

Depending on your vehicle, a full tank of gas in November will cost an additional AED 14.79 to AED 21.46 more than how much you paid for last month.

While the cost of petrol has increased, the UAE's fuel costs for November are still much cheaper than the current global average which sits at AED 4.74 per litre, according to in late October.

This month's fuel prices are nearly 30% less than the highest gas prices in the UAE so far, with drivers seeing an all-time high in July when the Super 98 petrol was AED 4.63 per litre.

The costs of retail fuel each month are announced by the UAE Ministry of Energy on the last week of the previous month.